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Before/After Acne Rosacea
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Before/After Acne
  • Posted 07-26-2015

Elizabeth, OH

I am 26 and I have had chronic acne since age 16 or so. This is the only thing that has worked aside from oral antibiotics, and without the liver toxicity I got from those drugs. I have been using it on the higher dose for about one and a half months, with about 50% overall improvement. I will keep going until it is completely cleared up. This is a real miracle for acne sufferers, too bad it is not more well known to the public. Thank you!

Elizabeth, OH, July 2015

  • Posted 12-09-2013

Acnease - LMK

I have been using Acnease for 9 days now, I can see great results as my pores are minimizing and the redness has decreased as well as I am getting less pimples. I have 2-3 new ones and they are whitheads rather than the big cystic ones. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this fantastic product. - LMK

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Acne - Jamie

I've been using AcnEase for about a week now, & I can tell you now that it's working, but it's not only clearing up my facial acne, it's also clearing up my back and chest acne too,Thanks ever so much.

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Acne, Rosacea - L.E.

I thought that I had gone through the Acne stage years ago until I discovered I had Rosacea. I tried every known product on the market and between the embarrassment and products, which did not work; I was just about ready to hit the panic button. That is until I discovered AcnEase.I admit that I was skeptical about it working for me but that skepticism went away when I began to see the results. My skin has never felt healthier, along with my total outlook on life. When you feel self conscious, it affects your everyday life. AcnEase not only cures Rosacea also gives you a brand new outlook on life itself.I also have started using it on my daughter who at 13 is starting to experience acne. She thinks it is pretty neat that mom and her share the same medicine!
L.E., 35

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Acne - Chris

Hi,This is Chris. I have completed my first month at 8 pills daily and I am now on the 4-pill daily. I noticed a definite improvement within the first 5-6 days,and I noticed the texture and clarity of my skin continue to improve through the fourth week. The occasional one or two blemishes that I have gotten since on the medication have been non-inflammatory. Also, I have noticed a definite decrease in the oiliness of my skin. I am quite amazed at the results.I would be tempted to even try it for a second month at 8 pills daily since its safe, and effective, so why not go for perfection?

Thanky ou for a fantastic product,

 Chris, 19

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Acne, ProActiv, Serious Skin Care - Katie

I am so grateful to have found AcnEase! It is the single best product I have ever used. I have been using AcnEase for about a month on the higher 12 tablet a day dosage and my skin is almost totally clear! I began to see results after about a week of use and from then on my skin as continually improved. My acne problem was related to a hormonal imbalance due to taking and terminating oral contraceptives. I tried virtually every product out there: ProActiv, Serious Skin Care, Antibiotics, vitamins, and miscellaneous recommended herbs but nothing every helped. It was only after I started AcnEase that my skin began to become calmer and clearer. I will be taking another month of treatment for perfect skin. It is unfortunate that people have to spend so much money on dermatologists and get such little results. Today is my birthday and there is no better gift for me then clear skin.

 Katie, 22

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Severe Acne - Alex

I have been using AcnEase for the last 3 weeks and am thrilled with the results. After suffering with bad skin for the last 5 years and having tried everything under the sun.  I can confirm that my skin is 60%improved and I look forward to the day when it will be completely clear.

Thank you,

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Acne, Accutane, Chinese Herbs - Monica

My name is Monica and I'm 23 and,like my younger brother, inherited my mother's acne-proned skin. My brother had it much worse than me and was Acutance until his skin completely cleared up. My doctor advised against me taking Acutance since my skin wasn't "that"bad, and the drug negatively affects women during their childbearing years.Over-the-counter products were not helping. I even tried Proactive, which is a3-step cleansing system. It worked in the beginning, but it's useless now.

I had some experience with Eastern forms of medical healing -- acupuncture and acupressure were great for my bad back. My Chinese friends also attest to the wonders of Chinese herbs, but that they should be taken with specific instructions and/or monitored by a Chinese herbalist. When I discovered AcnEase through its website, I was excited to try it out, given my positive experience with acupuncture. My experience with AcnEase has been great so far. The only trick is to be consistent with dosages and to take it right when you're supposed to. This week has been crazy for me, so I forgot to take it a couple of times, and sure enough, some of those zits are back. But I know that once I resume and stick with the regimen, the zits will disappear!

I'm quite happy with AcnEase! I would recommend it to those who need something stronger than over-the-counter products, but don't necessarily need to see a dermatologist.

 Monica, 23

  • Posted 11-12-2012

Severe Cystic Acne, Accutane, Proactiv - FF

AcnEase is a great product!  The results are truly amazing.  When I found the AcnEase website, I was having a bout with very bad cystic acne, and desperate to find something that truly works.  I have had acne every since I was in elementary school.  I have tried antibiotics, Acutance, Proactive, serious skin care, you name it, but nothing seemed to really help.  I decided to give AcnEase a try based on the wonderful information on the website.  The clinical trials and the testimonials were inspirational. I have been using AcnEase for seven weeks and the results have been amazing.  This is truly the best product I have ever used for acne. I no longer have those big painful cysts that made me sad and ashamed to leave my apartment.  I have already recommended AcnEase to a few of my friends who also bout with adult acne.  Please continue to offer this wonderful product!!!!


  • Posted 11-12-2012

Chronic Mild-to-Moderate Acne, Retin-A ,Murad - Jennifer

Just a note to say I LOVE AcnEase!!!  I am 31 yrs. old and have been suffering with chronic mild-to-moderate acne since the age of 18.  I began seeing a dermatologist at that time who prescribed Retin-A and oralantibiotics. My face cleared up, but continued to be extremely oily and I had to stop the Retin-A after a year or so because I could not take how harsh it was on my very fair and sensitive skin (at one point, I was unable to tolerate ANY sun exposure!). 

I also developed an allergic reaction because I was on antibiotic therapy for so long.  When the doctor tried other antibiotics that I could tolerate, they were not as effective.  I eventually started taking birth control pills and using Proactiv which, if I was very careful and extremely diligent, seemed to control the breakouts so they were not as bad, but the extremely oily skin remained.  Through the years, I have also tried different skin care lines - from drug store brands like Oxy and Clearasil to higher-end products like Serious Skin Care and Murad.  I would have some success, but nothing worth the redness, dryness, burning and irritation they all caused!

About a month ago, I just happened to find your website while surfing the web.  I decided to give AcnEase a try since another $76 wasn't going to make a difference when I considered the probable thousands I'd spent over the last 13 years.  Well, I've been using AcnEase for about 3 weeks at 4 tabs twice daily, and I AM AMAZED!!!  I began to see improvement after about 10days and now I notice the oiliness decreasing - so much so that I stopped the Proactiv cleanser because it is now too drying for my skin.  It would be a miracle if I could throw out all the products I've been using to achieve mediocre results and have great results by just popping a few pills a day!  Not to mention the hassle I endure maintaining my"regimine" while on vacation - ever try fitting an acne skin care routine into a camping trip?  Not easy!  And the beach?  I love it, but the sun doesn't love me when my skin is so sun-sensitive due to my skincare products.

I just reordered another month's supply and can't wait to see the improvement 2 months on AcnEase makes in my skin.  It already feels calmer- LESS RED, A MIRACLE! - and less oily, more refined in texture, and just less temperamental in general.  In about 6 weeks, my husband and I are taking a vacation to St. Thomas for our 1st anniversary, and I hope to have consistently acne-free, dependable skin by then.  

Thanks a million!  You are providing a great service that goes deeper than just the surface of people's skin.  Please don't ever stop making AcnEase - it works!

Jennifer M.,31

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