Founder and CEO of Herborium Group Leads Botanical Therapeutics® Movement

Dr Agnes

Company Blends Traditional and Western Medical Approaches

Western medical science has revolutionized the treatment of diseases worldwide, offering a science-based, clinically tested approach and enabling patients to routinely manage diseases that used to be considered a death sentence. But centuries before Anthony Leeuwenhoek spotted bacteria through a microscope, traditional communities in Asia, South America, Africa and elsewhere were using herbal compounds to provide relief for medical conditions and promote wellness. Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski, a U.S. citizen who grew up in Europe and gained extensive experience with traditional medicine as a business consultant in Asia, is in a unique position to appreciate the benefits of a blended approach to wellness that draws on the wisdom of both modern and ancient traditions. That’s what led her to found Herborium Group (HBRM), a publicly traded Botanical Therapeutics® company, in 2006.

With both a PhD and an MBA, Dr. Olszewski developed her passion for providing all-natural alternatives and complementary botanical ingredients-based therapies that blend science and nature during a 20-year strategic management and consulting career that included extensive work in the development and marketing of consumer products, including botanical medicines, beauty and health supplements and nutrition products in the U.S., Europe and China. Her experience includes work on a high-profile biotechnology joint venture in China, where she cultivated relationships with key Chinese business and government officials. Dr. Olszewski also served as Director of the Institute for International Business at Seton Hall University and as Professor of Marketing and International Business prior to founding Herborium.

Since launching Herborium Group, Dr. Olszewski and her team have focused on developing products that combine the best Western and traditional medicine have to offer, meeting unmet wellness needs in the U.S. and Europe. Leveraging the treasure trove of traditional medicines that have been proven effective over the centuries and applying modern scientific standards in development and testing, Herborium currently offers a range of Botanical Therapeutics® that address a variety of conditions, including acne and the controlling symptoms of rosacea, men’s and women’s sexual health, energy issues and symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia).

Dermatology products are a primary focus: The company’s flagship product, AcnEase®, treats the root cause of acne – an overproduction of sebum (skin oil) by sebaceous glands, which leads to localized inflammation and scarring – instead of just the symptoms. AcnEase® tablets, a proprietary herbal compound that restores balance and skin health, is up to 95% effective in treating acne and the controlling symptoms of rosacea and works for people who suffer from acne of any type at any age, regardless of skin color and complexion.

In addition to developing botanical-based medicinal products, Dr. Olszewski is also passionate about educating the public about the benefits – and potential drawbacks – of natural medicines. She is a member of the GLG Council and a frequent speaker on the topics of natural remedies, wellness, nutraceutical products and global marketing strategies. Find out more about Dr. Olszewski and the Herborium Group at

About Herborium Group, Inc.

Herborium Group, Inc., a Botanical Therapeutics® company, focuses on developing, licensing, and marketing proprietary, botanical-based medicinal products to consumers and healthcare professionals. The company uses clinical validation to establish and maintain a differential advantage. The company sells its products in the U.S. and Europe. For more information, please visit