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Before/After Acne Rosacea
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Before/After Acne
  • Posted 12-01-2016

Thanks AcnEase Team, keep up the fantastic work you're doing!

I experienced fairly mild acne throughout my teens and didn't think much of it since many of my friends were dealing with the same, but as I hit my late teens and early twenties and everyone else was growing out of their acne, mine only seemed to get worse, particularly on my chin. I discovered that acne isn't always something you grow out of, and it can crop up any time in life. I was fairly certain it was hormonal, but trips to my doctor and a dermatologist resulted in frustration and tears. Unless I had other symptoms, they didn't believe me when I said my acne was due to a hormonal imbalance, and they instead prescribed antibiotics, birth control pills, other medications, and even Accutane, which really scared me. I didn't want to mess up my entire body just to fix my complexion, and wanted a sustainable, natural solution, which didn't seem to exist. After countless topical over-the-counter creams and washes, I finally found essential oils, which helped immensely, but not enough. More research made me decide to give up all dairy products for a few months and see how my skin reacted. The results were very encouraging, but it was still hard to shake that stubborn acne. I finally stumbled upon an AcnEase ad while reading a health blog and decided to give it a try. I was still a bit skeptical - I've tried so many products that claim to be the definitive solution to acne - but the 60 day money-back guarantee made me go ahead with my first order. I was bracing myself for purging - an outbreak of pimples as my skin adjusted - but it never came. Instead, I could tell a positive difference in two weeks, with absolutely no side-effects. I was overjoyed, and am now in my third month of AcnEase on the mild treatment. I can even indulge in dairy occasionally without breaking out like I did before. I may do one more month of treatment before transitioning to the maintenance stage. I am ecstatic about my experience with AcnEase, and like so many others, wish I had known about it earlier. I have much more confidence to look people in the eye and not worry what they think about my skin. I rarely wear make-up, and now it's mainly for fun and not to cover up my skin, which is getting smoother and less red by the day. I have recommended AcnEase to several people, and smile every day when I look in the mirror. Thanks AcnEase Team, keep up the fantastic work you're doing!

  • Posted 11-13-2016

Mother & Daughter heart worming story how to get a clear skin

Here's my story...

I never had acne as a teenager. But shortly after I gave birth to my daughter (when I was 28), I started to experience some minor breakouts. These would become worse during my menstrual cycle. So I started to try various over the counter products. Most containing alcohol, salicylic acid, peroxide, etc...This continued for a few years until I decided to try ProActiv. It actually started helping and kept the breakouts under control, so I kept up with the regimen. About 3 years in, my acne started up again. I believe my skin became immune to the products and they just weren't doing the job anymore. After searching the internet for other options, I was also learning how harmful those different chemicals can be to your skin. Then I came across Acnease. I loved the concept that it an all natural vitamin. So I tried it for about 3 months & was thrilled with the results! The numerous small red pimples I had were gone! So I stopped taking it all together & went to using mild scrubs & cleansers. After a while, the breakouts came back. So I went back to the Acnease & sure enough it cleared them up in about a month. So I decided to stay on the maintenance program & take 4 pills every morning & 4 pills every evening. And now I only use an all natural, home-made charcoal soap, liquid Vitamin E & Coconut Oil. I still experience the occasional hormonal pimple, but I treat it with a dab of sulfur cream or baking soda to dry it out. I will never go back to harsh chemicals again!

My teenage daughter is a very active athlete & experiences breakouts mostly on her forehead. I put her on Acnease & it keeps her breakouts to a minimum, with the exception of the occasional hormonal pimple. If she feels one starting to form, we just increase her dose for a few days. She also no longer uses any chemicals on her skin. The hardest part is making sure she takes the vitamins twice a day...

So now, we both currently take 8 per day as a maintenance program & plan to continue with that for as long as it works for us...I am very pleased with the program and would recommend it to anyone who has tried other products that don't seem to be helping. With Acnease, you can get away from all the damaging, aging, harmful chemicals that most of the skin care products out there contain.

So that's our story in a nutshell. And unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because I didn't document any of our progress.     

Thank you for your time!
Kim & Autumn K
November 11, 2016

  • Posted 08-16-2016

Lorna D. CA

I am 45-year-old women with olive complexion and after years of a clear skin – this year I have experienced increasing breakouts and even more persistent cysts on my face and back. My doctor informed me that they are a result of menopausal changes I am going through. His position was to use the make up and do not worry about them. Obviously it was not an answer. I have looked around for a while to find a right solution for me since the ointments including salicylic and retinoic acid were not an option- as my skin is getting more dry with age.  The friend recommended AcnEase and the results were great. Not only my skin has clear up but my hair are less dry, and my skin has regain a youthful clean look. Now my sixteen years old son is using AcnEase for his acne and his face  and back have improved significantly  in just 2 weeks. He also stopped complaining about messy ointments he had tried to use before.

Lorna D. CA  August 2016

  • Posted 02-02-2016


I am a 25-year-old Afro-American female with mild acne. I have done much acne research and tried all the different skin potions with salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide ( they left ugly white spots on my skin  that took 3 months to fade!) and got nothing but dried out irritated skin. When I saw AcnEase I was exited about it because it was natural and addressed the real issue of systemic androgens that I knew were causing my acne. I saw immediate results after 2 weeks and than even better results after 4 weeks. I am still using the product and my skin not only have no breakouts anymore but it is incredibly much calmer and cleaner. I recommend this product for everyone with acne or smokers wanting to improve their skin and hair.
Adilene, GA February 2016

  • Posted 12-01-2015

Anne-Marie Md

"I am a 32 year old women with acne. I have had a persistent problem with acne for 15 years. I have tried every prescription and nonprescription drug available. The medications I have used in the past didn't work for me or they had negative side effects. I was giving up on the idea of having clear skin, as a last resort I tried AcnEase. This product is incredible; I noticed results within the first week. After 1 month my skin was almost clear. Now after two courses my face is REALLY clear and  for the first time in years it is also no longer oily. AcnEase is the only product I have taken with no side effects. I would like to thank you for this wonderful product. I would strongly recommend this product to anybody with acne since it has dramatic and immediate results."
Anne-Marie Md. December 2015

  • Posted 03-16-2016

Brendon, NY

Hi, This is Brendon, I have completed my first month at 12 pills daily and I am now on the 4 pill daily. I noticed a definite improvement within the first 5-6 days, and I noticed the texture and clarity of my skin continue to improve through the fourth week. The occasional one or two blemishes that I have gotten since on the medication have been non-inflammatory. Also, I have noticed a definite decrease in the oiliness of my skin. I am quite amazed at the results 

Thank you for a fantastic product,

Brendon, NY , March 2016 

  • Posted 06-15-2016

Jolinne, Sydney

 Hi AcnEase, I want to tell you that I have been using AcnEase for 10 days now, and it is absolutely amazing.  No prescription medication has ever worked this quickly with great results.  I am 23 and have acne for almost 5 years! I wish I can buy it here in Australia in a store, can you guys do something so I get it faster?

Jolinne, Sydney June 2015

  • Posted 05-17-2016

Erika, Texas

Hi, I have been using your product for about 3 weeks now and my skin is completely clear.  I have suffered with acne for 6 years now and could never find anything that worked.  I just want to thank you for giving me back my self confidence.  Last night was the first time I wore my hair off my face in 6 years

Thank you so much

Erika, Texas , May 2016

  • Posted 02-09-2016

Ronda, New Zeeland

ITS THE ONLY PRODUCT that has been so effective removing my acne COMPLETLY. I wish I could buy it more often/easy.

Ronda, New Zeeland, February 2016

  • Posted 04-18-2015

Lidia, CA

I am 15. I have acne for 3 years  and hate it. I  tried proactive and didnt see much results so u guys were my last hope cuz ive tried everthing else. It is working!. My pimples are no more!

Lidia, CA April 2015

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