AcnEase® Tablets from Herborium Allow Users to Experience Life without Acne

Clinically Tested Herbal Product up to 95% Effective in Treating Acne, alleviates Rosacea symptoms.

FORT LEE, N.J. – Over 60 million people in the U.S. have acne, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not a condition that only affects teenagers: In fact, the average age of people with acne is 26.5 (5 more than just a decade ago!). Acne is a skin condition, but it leaves psychological scars. It is commonly treated with topical agents and antibiotics, both of which can result is serious side effects. Now people fighting acne have a new weapon in their arsenal: Herborium Group, Inc., a publicly traded Botanical Therapeutics® company, offers all-botanical ingredients based, clinically tested AcnEase® tablets that have achieved up to a 95% response rate in the treatment of acne and improving symptoms of Rosacea.

The proprietary formula, which is safe and causes no side effects, was developed specifically to treat the underlying causes of acne and works for adolescent and adult acne sufferers  (women and man a like) with a variety of acne types, including androgen-related, cystic and hormonal acne. AcnEase® treats current outbreaks and prevents new acne from forming with a holistic, effective approach to skin health. It works for all complexion types and colors and does not discolor or irritate the skin. There are no contraindications or restrictions on sunlight exposure for AcnEase® as there are for many traditional acne treatments. 

Benefits include:

The acne treatments currently on the market don’t prevent new acne from forming, focusing solely on symptoms. Antibacterial therapy can result in resistant strains of bacteria, and topical treatments can irritate and discolor the skin. Oral contraceptives taken to treat acne can have contraindications and side effects and are obviously not suitable for growing number of men suffering from acne, and the only other systemic acne treatments – Accutane has been withdrawn from the market due to severe side effects. (Generic forms of Accutane - Isotretinoin are still unfortunately on the market and can cause the same very serious adverse side effects). AcnEase® eliminates drawbacks.

“AcnEase® is effective because it treats the causes of acne, not just the symptoms,” said Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski, CEO and Chairwoman for Herborium Group. “A primary cause of acne is an overproduction of sebum (skin oil)  by sebaceous glands, which blocks the pores and provide a fertile ground for bacteria to develop, leading to localized inflammation and consequently scarring – it’s a vicious cycle. AcnEase® breaks the cycle, using a proprietary herbal compound to restore balance and skin health. It works for people who suffer from acne of any type at any age, regardless of skin color and complexion.”

AcnEase® has been clinically tested and proven effective. But for Dr. Olszewski, the most touching proof points are the emails and letters the company receives from users who tell the Herborium team that AcnEase® has changed their lives. People who lived in shadow of breakouts and in a fear to show their faces  and bodies  at any special occasions, those who were reluctant to leave their homes because of their dissatisfaction with their appearance have written to tell the Herborium team that after trying every remedy on the market without success, they’ve finally found the solution they were looking for in AcnEase® and that they have never looked or felt better.

Herborium’s unique products (Botanical Therapeutics®) blend Eastern and Western medical traditions to provide the benefits of both. Shaped by the Western emphasis on science, testing and metrics to ensure safety and effectiveness and influenced by the holistic wellness focus predominant in Eastern traditions, Herborium’s Botanical Therapeutics® – including AcnEase® – offer new hope to patients with unmet treatment needs.

The company is currently developing other Botanical Therapeutics® that will address sexual health issues in men and women, energy and stress problems, symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) and other health concerns. To find out more about Herborium, please visit Learn more about AcnEase at