Your Most Embarrassing Acne Question

Buttocks acne is a form of back acne. As I explained yesterday in what you must avoid if you have back acne, because the skin is thicker, back/buttocks acne treatment requires more time and a disciplined regimen to see improvement. Even though it's impossible to keep the buttocks area untouched, which can be irritating it, you can take some easy steps to control and even speed up the treatment of back/buttocks acne.

How to Make 2012 an Acne-Free Year


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Want Clear Skin For Spring?

Quick Tips for Exercise & Body Acne

If you have acne prone skin, or acne symptoms, you need to take moreprecautions when you exercise. Here are few quick tips for all exerciseaficionados to help fighting body acne for the neck, back, chest, arms,thighs and buttocks:
2 Ways to De-Stress for Clear Spring Skin
Spring is a time for renewal, weddings, bright sun and great weather.  
De-stress in time to make your skin look its best with Dr. Agnes' top Springtime facials. 

De-stressing Skin Tea 
  • .35 oz dried lime flowers
  • .35 oz dried chamomile
  • .35 oz dried vervain
Is Gluten Bad For Acne

A hot topic in the news lately has been whether or not gluten is a cause of acne. 

For those that do not have a gluten allergy called celiac disease, orgluten sensitivity, products containing gluten will NOT exasperate their acne problem.

Remember, diet does not cause acne, but exacerbates it.  To keep your body andskin healthy, a diet rich in probiotic bacteria and low in processedfoods (including sugar and saturated fats) is your skin's friend, andacne's enemy.

Is Thyme Good for Acne?
We are always on the look-out for the latest natural and practical solutions to get clear and healthy skin.
As we get smarter about herbs and foods that may improve our skin (andthose that may be bad for it), we need to treat news headlines with agrain of salt. Thyme - a popular herb found in gardens, stores and traditional medicinalproducts and experimentally known for its anti-inflammatory andanti-bacterial properties - made recent headlines as a possible acnetreatment.
8 Sunless Tanning Rules for Clear Skin Acheivers

Summer is almost here and we want to look our best at all those weddings,graduations and beach and garden parties, so we speed up nature (and avoid harmful exposure to UVA - "bad" sun rays) by using self-tanning products.When you have Acne or Rosacea, you need to be aware of how the use of sunless tanning products may present a risk of irritating your skin and amplifying the existing skin problems.  

5 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sun with Food
In a previous article in our Summer Skincare Series, we abolished a widespread myth that the sun is always bad for you. Sunlight, while accessed in a controlled manner, is healthy and necessary for us as it provides necessary Vitamin D, and actually protects you from some forms of cancer. This exposure needs however to be controlled and limited so it doesn't cause accelerated aging and skin cancer.
Is Your Acne Medication Harmful in the Summer?

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As an acne sufferer, you know that many medications have sun restrictions. But avoiding the sun in the summer is like waving a big delicious candy bar in front of a child's (or, let's admit, an adult's) face andtelling them they can't eat it. Being on an acne medication during thesummer with this type of restriction can cause sunburn/sun damage(sometimes irreversible), irritation and dryness; all of which can makeyour acne problem worse.

Super-Rejuvenating Herbal Bath that Prevents Breakouts


When was the last time you took a nice, relaxing bath?  Especially one thatcan prevent breakouts in order to maintain clear skin?  Having troublethinking back that far?  Yes, I know!  The number one excuse I usuallyhear is that there just aren't enough hours in the day.
Speed Up Getting Rid of Acne with Powerful Astringents!

Did you know that a natural astringent can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal to fight acne?

In addition to your face wash and favorite natural acne treatment, by using a powerful natural astringent, it can eliminate bacteria, and speed up the healing process of existing acne.
Drug store astringents can actually do more harm than good...a natural astringent works even better because it doesn’t strip your skin of all its oil, which it needs, in order to be healthy!

One of our AcnEase success stories is now walking the runways in NYC!

Cassandra Bankson, the teen whose makeup routine to cover up her acne-plagued skin made her into a YouTube sensation, started the next chapter of her life, landing a spot on the runway during New York Fashion Week. A confident Bankson walked the runway at the Stacey Igel's "Boy Meets Girl" show in New York City Wednesday night, proudly putting a past of being bullied for her acne-ridden skin behind her. "I'm a small town girl who sits in her living room and films videos all day and now...I'm in New YorkFashion Week," Bankson said backstage. "It's still a dream. I am so thankful." The 19-year-old first achieved Internet stardom after posting makeup tutorials on YouTube with her concealing tips, revealing how she covered her acne-ridden skin before heading out to face the world. In the videos, Bankson talks to her 45 million viewers, first in full makeup, ...

Linda's Success Story

I have been an AcnEase user for several years now. Since my teens I have tried every topical acne treatment from benzoyl peroxide to pumpkin acid peels.  I spent 15 years as a model and actress and learned every trick in the book for covering up my skin eruptions with makeup but there were times that the bumps and redness were such a distraction that it took a lot of effort from the make-up artists and photographers’ lighting to compensate for the issue. In my thirties I even resorted to a series of extremely painful photo facials with the promise that they would stop my acne and get rid of the scarring.  Needless to say nothing has worked except being on birth control pills but birth control pills reeked havoc on my body. I went through volatile mood swings including depression, weight gain, and hypoglycemia from not eating because I had pseudo-morning sickness often, two small cysts in my breast and a uterine fibroid. After getting off the pill, the cysts went away and the fibroid has shrunk.  I never ‘adjusted’ to the chemical hormones that altered my natural cycle.