Can Thyme Be The Acne Cure-All? Thyme and Acne

As we get smarter about herbs and foods that may improve our skin (and those that may be bad for it), we need to treat news headlines with a grain of salt. Thyme - a popular herb found in gardens, stores and traditional medicinal products and experientially known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - made recent headlines ...

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Gluten and Acne

A hot topic in the news lately has been whether or not gluten is a cause of acne. We're here to set the record straight. For those that do not have a gluten allergy called celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, products containing gluten will NOT exasperate their acne problem.

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Spring Cleaning for the Skin

Spring is a time for renewal, weddings, bright sun and great weather.
De-stress in time to make your skin look its best with Dr. Agnes' top Springtime facials.

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