10 Beliefs Not to Listen to When You Have Acne

10 Beliefs Not to Listen to When You Have Acne

For those that don’t experience living with acne, the problems acne-sufferers face may seem minor and cosmetic. Because there is no proven cure for acne, people have been left to treat only the symptoms. Along the way, many myths and false beliefs have been developed, from the highly debated to the downright comedic. Here are just a few...have a look and see if any sound familiar to you!

  1. “Just pop it so it goes away!”

    At the sight of a breakout, many people get the initial urge to get rid of blemishes and move on. While popping a pimple may provide some immediate gratification, the lasting effects can be far more damaging. When you pop, the skin is torn open which creates an even larger opportunity for harmful bacteria to enter and often results in more blemishes, not to mention scarring. It’s always best to let breakouts run their natural course, and most will disappear in approximately 3-7 days.
  2. “Acne only happens to people with oily skin.”

    Normal, dry, oily, or combination skin-there is not a single one in the bunch that could be considered 100% safe from experiencing acne. While oil production is one of the main causes of acne, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria also contribute to the problem and these are all seen within various skin types. Whatever your type, finding a regimen that works for you is important.
  3. “Why don’t you want to go out tonight? Just put on some concealer and no one will notice.”

    Acne can be uncomfortable, both physically and socially. For those that experience cystic acne, the deep bumps under your skin and the area surrounding the breakout can be painful to the touch. On top of that, no one wants to go out just to feel self-conscious about whether or not their concealer is caking or creasing. It is extremely important to allow skin to breathe when broken out, and it’s always advised to give your face a break from makeup if possible. If you’re really not feeling it, it’s totally OK to stay in once in awhile. Curl up with a good movie or book and give you, and your complexion, a break.
  4. “Just have a few bites of this delicious food, it’s not going to do that much damage!”

    A constant topic of debate amongst the acne ridden is the comfort food quandary, which ultimately comes down to a personal choice: should I have some, or not. While comfort foods such as pizza, burgers, french fries, and the like do not cause acne, they can lead to breakouts IF too much is eaten in one day (if you have the willpower to cut yourself off at a bite or so, great!). There is always another option. Let the burgers and fries come to you, and make them at home by substituting all the heavy grease and calories with alternatives like organic beef, grilled onions using coconut oil, no cheese, ketchup, pickles and an organic whole wheat bun. Make your own fries – cut up some potatoes, drizzle with coconut or olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and bake in the oven – voila! Just watch your portions.
  5. “Exercise and sweat may increase breakouts!”

    Exercise in moderation is a great way to get your blood flowing which brings oxygen, a natural collagen-producing anti-inflammatory, to the skin’s surface and also allows impurities to be flushed out of the pores. As with any good practice, hygiene and not overdoing it is key, especially when open pores are involved. Always remember to keep hands and hair off of the face and clean the skin immediately after a workout. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to shower, a swipe of toner or witch hazel on acne-prone areas will help.
  6. “Tanning will definitely dry out your pimples.”

    Ask any dermatologist and they will all agree: tanning is not recommended to treat acne – nor is it good for your overall skin health. The illusion that breakouts disappear with sun exposure is actually just a result of the skin around the blemish becoming darker, camouflaging rather than treating the problem. The vitamin D your body creates when exposed to the sun, however, is an essential ally in the fight against acne. Vitamin D decreases hormonal acne by regulating insulin levels, increases antioxidant production, and strengthens the immune system, which all contribute to having healthy skin. Again, everything in moderation. Too much can lead to issues.
  7. “They’re just pimples, don’t get so upset.”

    The physical effects of acne are obvious, but what many people who do not live with acne don’t know is that the psychological effects can produce scars of their own. Self-esteem and self-confidence are often low and body image issues are plenty. This causes many to isolate, withdraw from social situations, and in some cases become clinically depressed. Much like the treatment for acne, a truly positive self-image begins within.
  8. “Toothpaste on pimples will make them go away.”

    This at-home treatment remedy has been around for ages. Although the basic properties found in toothpaste can certainly be used to dry out pimples, it can actually end up causing more irritation on the skin surrounding the blemish. There is no proof that toothpaste works any better than treatments intended for acne, so stick with the professional tools and keep the paste on those pearly whites.
  9. “Sorry, I can’t kiss you or I’ll get acne too!”

    Acne is not contagious! If someone doesn’t want to kiss you out of fear of “catching” acne, you deserve to be kissing someone much cooler.
  10. “Try washing your face more often.”

    A major myth surrounding acne is that acne prone people are unhygienic. While good hygiene is a major tool in keeping breakouts at bay, no one can simply wash their face enough times and immediately be rid of acne. Over-washing comes with its own set of problems including irritation, sensitivity, and increased oil production. Acne is typically the result of a hormonal imbalance, causing the sebaceous glands (which control oil production) to go crazy. AcnEase® works to manage the relationship between hormones and sebaceous glands, allowing the glands to produce oil at a normal rate, naturally eliminating acne symptoms and simultaneously preventing new breakouts.

We want to hear what you’ve heard people say about acne. What are some of the most common (or crazy!) things someone without acne has said to you regarding your skin? Tell us in the comments!

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