5 Fool Proof Ways to be Acne-Free for GOOD

5 Fool Proof Ways to be Acne-Free for GOOD
So, it's mid January, and hopefully you're still on track to fulfilling your new year resolutions, including the one to be ACNE-FREE.


There are too many factors to list that can derail your good intentions. Not to mention that according to statistics, by February, the percentage of people who stick with their new year's goals drops by 65%!   


We're here to help you not be one of those people!


Our 5 Fool Proof Ways on How to Stick with Your Resolution to Become Acne-Free for GOOD 


Don't start out sprinting!

If you make too many drastic changes in your lifestyle and routines at once, even if you have strong willpower, you won't be able to accomplish your goal. You need some time to acclimate to your lifestyle changes.  Start out with a few changes and when they get easy and familiar, add a new one. And then again, continue to add one adjustment at a time as the previous change becomes familiar. This applies to your diet, skincare regimen, exercise routine and medications/supplements you use.   


How to create a powerful motivational list.

Create a bullet point list of all the things you stand to gain by getting rid of your acne. The list should include brief points that mean the most to you (ex. greater confidence, happier with life, excited to be with friends and family, no more embarrassment, get that guy or girl to go on a date, save money). Read this list EVERY MORNING before you start your day - it will only take 1 minute, and will work for the entire day! 


How to hold yourself accountable.

Sticking to what you committed to do is easier said than done.  We get it! The key is to focus on your goal in the moment. Don't think about what it's going to be like tomorrow - say to yourself, 'if I can do this for one hour, I can do this for two hours'. If you slip-up, remove the distraction.  Remember, tomorrow becomes today, and if you allow too many slip-ups, you'll have no resolution! 


Choose a champion (or champions).

Tell 1 or 2 of your closest family members or friends that you are planning on finally getting rid of your acne. Make sure that they are the type of people who will cheer your goal and keep you on track. By getting praised as you succeed and receiving the support to hold yourself accountable, you significantly increase your chances of becoming acne-free. 


Finding products that are REALLY right for you.

If you are using products that only diminish the symptoms of acne, and don't prevent acne, after a few weeks, some symptoms may become less visible but this improvement will only be temporary and often at the cost of dry and sensitized skin. So you will be disappointed again and may reject your resolution.   Do your research. Look for a long-term solution that is proven to work.  For example, AcnEase┬« is the type of product that breaks this endless cycle, and prevents new acne from coming.  Choose products that work for you, not against you!
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