Acne: How to deal with holiday candy temptation

Acne: How to deal with holiday candy temptation
From jelly beans to chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs to Peeps, it is impossible not to be tempted with these sweet treats once a year. Yet, when you have acne, sugar is not a good friend.  


So how do you avoid the temptation but satisfy the craving?


The good news is that when the Easter Bunny arrives, you don't have to totally ignore his gifts.  But please do not dive head first in to a jelly bean bowl either.  Sample!  Your skin will thank you!
(1)  Fill up on Fiber.  Fiber actually slows the absorption of sugar, and will also keep you fuller longer.  Choose some foods to eat that have a higher concentration of fiber such as dark chocolate (in moderation!), nuts, almonds, beans, passion fruits, flax or sesame seeds and bran.
(2)  Antioxidants and Proteins.  When eaten before sugary foods, antioxidents and proteins can prevent the rapid increase in sugar level in your blood, prevent food cravings and will keep your skin less exposed to inflammation.  So eat those pretty decorated hard boiled eggs and some lean meats.  Antioxidants also attack free radicals that cause skin issues.  
(3)  Vitamin C.  If you opt to take supplements, you can take Vitamin C Ester which is a highly absorbable form of Vitamin C with great anti-inflammatory properties. Start by taking 500mg a day, and you can expect to see a difference within 3 months if you're also treating your acne.  Foods rich in Vitamin C include tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, guava, papaya, oranges, bell peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. 
(4)  Emergency Tips.  Should you have to deal with an unexpected outbreak, check out our Emergency Tips for Last Minute Zits.  


So remember, I know you want to enjoy yourself, but if you only have samplings of candy, you will be happier in the next few days when you don't have any further breakouts!


Happy Holidays!  And Happy Skin!

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