AcnEase® works! My skin is clear! What do I do next?

AcnEase® works! My skin is clear!  What do I do next?

It has finally happened! You've cleared your skin of acne with AcnEase®! But now what? 

Can I stop taking AcnEase cold-turkey?

Stopping the treatment suddenly may work for some but for some it may also increase the risk for flare-ups to return. So we developed a strategy to minimize this risk. We suggest that instead of stopping AcnEase cold-turkey, you wean yourself off the treatment slowly by going down by one level of treatment over a 1-2 month period.For example, if you are on the severe acne regimen, you go down to moderate acne regimen. Stay on this level for 1-2 months, and if your skin remains clear, go down again to the mild acne regimen for 1-2 months.If you don't see any flare-ups within 1-2 months, then go down to the maintenance treatment. You can stay on the maintenance for a long time as AcnEase is safe for long-term use. Or, if you don't see any flare-ups in 1-2 months on the lowest maintenance dose (2x3 or 2x2 tablets daily), then congratulations! You may opt to stoptaking the product all together.

Numerous individuals with chronic acne opt to useAcnEase regularly on a lower regimen for a long time to make sure they maintain clear skin. All of the dosages for the treatments are located on each product page on our website--and all of the dosages also come with your order.

What if I decrease my dose and start experiencing breakouts again?

Should you see a flare-up at any time when you've taken a step down, go back up to the dose that worked (the level above where you are now) and stay there for at least a month or until the flare-up has subsided.  At that time, you can then try to take a step down again and continue to monitor your skin for pimples forming.

Please do not forget that you can also help your skin to heal with an appropriate skincare routine and special tips to help to heal the outbreaks.

FOR THE LADIES: What if I still break out before or during my period?

We know that prior to, or even during your period, you can experience flare-ups. So if this is the case, and you are still on an AcnEase regimen, we suggest that 3 days prior to getting your period, you go to the dosage a step higher thanyour present regimen, and continue this increased regimen for a total of 7 days. After that, you can go back down to your present regular treatment. If you are already on the highest dose (severe acne regimen), DO NOT INCREASE THE DOSE. Instead, utilize our skincare routine and topical helpers to help to control breakouts.

This advice is not applicable to those who do not presently use AcnEase® (you need to be on AcnEase® for at least a month to start breaking the cycle of acne. This tip is not to be used as a shortcut, but as an enhancer).

Am I going to have to be on AcnEase® forever?

No, you do not. We talk more about this over here.

We are always here to answer your questions, so don't hesitate to ask!


With a Promise of Clear Skin, Dr. A  

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