Ticket To Clear Skin For Women and Men, Teens and Adults

Ticket To Clear Skin For Women and Men, Teens and Adults

The AcnEase® Advantage

What is it?

AcnEase® is a clinically validated Botanical Therapeutics® acne treatment that not only breaks the cycle of acne, but also ELIMINATES and PREVENTS acne from the inside out. A “better than natural” trade secret blend of the highest quality grade herbs, AcnEase proprietary ingredients restore the balance disrupted by the factors that cause acne and return the sebaceous glands to a balanced state so they produce a normal amount of sebum (skin oil).

With recommended use, the ingredients in AcnEase® will make problem skin clearer and healthier with less blackheads, whiteheads, and redness. AcnEase® has a 96% success rate and a money back guarantee, is completely safe to take, and is offered in mild, moderate, or severe treatments. Treatment is recommended for a minimum of one month depending on the severity of acne, yet some people start to see results in 7-10 days.

AcnEase® works for 99.99% of women with hormonal acne, 95% of women with adult acne, 85% of men with adult and body acne, and 95% of teenagers.

How It Works

Acne is an external manifestation of an internal disorder. AcnEase® works to restore the natural internal balance that is disrupted by endocrine changes, environmental factors, certain medications, mental tension, stress, and diet. AcnEase® doesn’t simply treat the external symptoms of the disease, but addresses the underlying, internal causes of acne and other skin related problems (such as Rosacea) from the inside.

Why AcnEase®?

  • Natural Acne Treatment that eliminates and prevents acne
  • Success rate of more than 96%
  • Results seen within 7-10 days (results may vary)
  • Restores the internal balance needed to return sebaceous glands to their normal activity
  • Removes the underlying causes of OILY SKIN and ACNE
  • No chemicals, no sun restrictions, no side-effects, no aging, drying or irritating the skin
  • 100% all-botanical, clinically tested for safety and efficacy
  • Formulated with a trade secret protected blend of the highest quality herbal extracts
  • Ratio of ingredients, selection of herbs and extraction method make AcnEase® a premium natural acne treatment 100% made in the USA
  • For men, women, and teens of all ages
  • For light and dark complexions - and anyone in between
  • No phytoestrogens
  • Gluten and Lactose free
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe and easy for self-medication. No third party (doctor, beautician, store, etc. exposure)

Who Will Benefit from AcnEase®?

  • Teens with adolescent acne on the face and body
  • Adults (women and men) with:
    • Hormonal Acne
    • Menopausal Acne (women only)
    • Chronic Acne
    • Acne aggravated by spicy and greasy food, smoking, stress, consumption of alcohol or other medicines
    • Facial & Body Acne
    • Cystic Acne
  • Individuals with darker complexions who cannot use topical products that cause skin discolorations
  • Those with Oily Skin and Hair
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Male and Female athletes with severe body acne
  • People with acne who are lactose intolerant
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Individuals living in an environment with intense sun exposure
  • Those presently taking products containing:
    • salicylic acid (FDA Cancer warning)
    • retinoids (serious side effect and premature aging)
    • antibiotics (FDA warnings/off label use, excessive photo - sensitivity premature aging, skin irritation, possibly skin cancer
    • oral contraceptives (not recommended to teens and men, FDA warning /OFF label use, number of side effects)

What should I expect?

Acne will significantly improve or disappear after a full course of therapy is completed. The initial minimum recommended course of treatment is 1 month. Results may be seen within 2 weeks.

For those with chronic (two years or more) and/or severe skin problems or body acne, the treatment may be extended to 2-6 months to obtain the best results. A small percent of individuals may need to keep using AcnEase long term. After the necessary course of treatment has been completed, some people decide to go on a maintenance regimen of 3 tablets, 2 times/day to ensure clear skin. The use of a maintenance dose has been demonstrated to limit the recurrence of acne.

Results from Using AcnEase®:

  • Acne breakouts will stop
  • Cysts and pustules will heal
  • Oily skin will balance, with a much more matte appearance
  • Acne scars and marks (discolorations) will fade
  • Prevents formation of can scars
  • Black and whiteheads will significantly diminish
  • Symptoms of Rosacea will ease, and for some individuals, completely disappear

Additional Benefits Obtained by the Regular Use of AcnEase®:

  • Old acne scars and marks will improve
  • The skin will look tighter, healthier, clearer, and more radiant
  • Gastric reflux and “heart burn” in most patients will subside
  • Hair quality will improve and, if there was previous hair loss due to the over-production of androgen, future hair loss will be minimal
  • Dry and over greasy hair will regain balance and return to healthy levels
  • For those who smoke, the skin will clear and regain a healthy appearance
  • In general, the skin will look and feel healthier
  • Provides pain relief for cystic acne and eliminates the need for surgery or steroid injections
  • Convenient vitamin-like small tablets suitable for all ages, skin tones, and severity of acne
  • Relief for rosacea-related facial flushing due to dilated blood vessels
  • Eliminates skin sensitivity and outbreaks due to Rosacea
  • Alleviates eye irritation and gastric reflux symptoms secondary to rosacea

Acne treatments currently on the market do not prevent new acne from forming. They focus solely on symptoms.

Antibacterial therapy focuses only on one aspect of acne – infection - and can result in the development of resistant strains of bacteria. In addition, antibiotic treatment has sun restrictions.

Many topical treatments irritate and discolor the skin.

Oral contraceptives (Diane 35) taken to treat acne can have contraindications and severe side effects, plus they do not provide an option for the growing number of men suffering from acne.

The only other systemic acne treatment – Accutane /Roaccutane – has been withdrawn from the market due to severe side effects. Generic forms of Accutane – isotretinoin – are still on the market but can cause the same very severe adverse side effects. AcnEase® eliminates these drawbacks.

“AcnEase® is effective because it treats the causes of acne, not just the symptoms,” said Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski, CEO and Chairwoman for Herborium Group. “A primary cause of acne is an overproduction of sebum (skin oil) by sebaceous glands, which blocks the pores and provides a fertile ground for bacteria to develop, leading to localized inflammation and in chronic cases scarring – it’s a vicious cycle. AcnEase® breaks the acne cycle, using a proprietary herbal formulation to restore balance and skin health. It works for people who suffer from acne of any type, at any age, regardless of skin color and complexion.”

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