How to Get the Best Results from using AcnEase Treatment

How to Get the Best Results from using AcnEase Treatment

So now You ordered the right AcnEase Regimen and you've just received your customized monthly treatment pack.

What do you do next? How do you make your efforts, your money and AcnEase work the best for YOU?

9 Ways to Get the Most Out of AcnEase:

  1. AcnEase is a treatment not just a product. There is a difference between using a product (you use it when you feel like it) and using a treatment .You use it with the understanding that HOW YOU USE IT makes a big difference.
  2. Use AcnEase REGULARLY. Do NOT skip or combine doses. You need a steady "supply" of these "super herbs" to help with your acne. If you forget to take a dose or you simply cannot take it at your scheduled time, take it as soon as you can, and then follow with the next dose at the "regular time" or if that's not possible, take it 2 hours after the late dose. After that, return to the normal routine.
  3. Try to take AcnEase 10 minutes before your meals with water. "Try" is a key word here. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, AcnEase WILL WORK for you if you take it WITH a meal. Take the product with food rather than after a big meal.
  4. Even when you see spectacular results do NOT stop taking AcnEase in a middle of the monthly treatment cycle. It doesn't matter if this is the first time you're using it or if you've been on it for a couple months, follow through with the full treatment. It is safe, it is tested, your results will be better if you do.
  5. Try - to the best of your abilities to follow our dietary and skin care tips. They represent a good "housekeeping skincare know how" about keeping your skin acne free. Their will support the treatment and at the end make you happier, healthier and better looking
  6. Give AcnEase and yourself a chance. Stick with the treatment for 1-3 months to see the best results. The best things in life need some time to happen. Remember that severe and chronic acne will require a longer time to disappear. Also, people and their conditions are different. Nothing works exactly the same for each of us.
  7. MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. While on AcnEase, you can use your multi vitamin and other supplements that serve you well, and use the skincare routine you tested as helping your skin to be blemish free or the one we recommend. However, avoid trying every fad and new product that is introduced to you. Trying fifteen things at the same time, or changing your skincare routine too often, only confuses your skin without letting it properly react to the treatment.
  8. Do NOT use AcnEase with Accutane like products (ex. Iisotretinoin). There is no counter indication for both of them together but we do NOT want AcnEase to be associated in any way with this very dangerous drug and its side effects.
  9. Stay optimistic. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The hard work you put into getting rid of your acne, will be rewarded by the clear , healthy skin and increase in your personal confidence. .

If you have need further help in starting AcnEase, please feel free to email us We are here to help you!

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