Celebrity Makeup Tips for Covering Acne

Celebrity Makeup Tips for Covering Acne

Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist, whose work has been seen in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and InStyle to advertisers Olay and Paul Mitchell and Target to name a few and counts among her client Cindy Crawford, Hilary Duff, Anna Paquin or Justin Timberlake has this to say about making acne pimples as invisible as possible.

STEP 1 Moistirize yous skin and keep it hydrated from insight (DRINK WATER) and out- Use non comedogenic moisturizer twice a day. If you have a dry skin use a light touch of moisturizer before the make-up. Massage it all over your face and neck. Wait 3-5 minutes to let is be absorbed by the skin

STEP 2 Begin your make up with a liquid foundation and apply concealer only where needed with a pointed brush for precision. A common mistake that people make is thinking that if you have acne or acne scars thick make- up piled on heavily will make it less noticeable. The best way to conceal it is actually light and precise. . Too much concealer or heavy make up only attracts attention.

The best way to cancel out redness is by using a concealer that is yellowish/beige to help neutralize the color. If you have dark marks that look more blue or have more olive complexion use a concealer that is more peach/orange tone than yellow to neutralize the blue.

If you have dark skin, a real orange concealer or cream make up is a great insider trick to neutralize the darkness much more than just your basic foundation color or when added to concealer. That orange helps to neutralize and when blended, enhances the skin tone beautifully.

STEP 3 If you have a raised pimple to make it less noticeable apply a lighter dab of concealer just on the bottom side of the raised pimple. That will visually help the pimple not look as prominent. Here is the idea: the shadow created just under the pimple can be visually erased by dabbing a lighter color below it and make it less noticeable or visually disappear. It works! Give it a try.

STEP 4 If you have acne use a light touch or none of powder. If you have been using treatments and your skin is dry having foundation and concealer plus a lot of powder will make the skin look too dry and draw attention.

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