Checklist of Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Acne Treatment

Checklist of Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Acne Treatment

An educated consumer is a smart consumer!

You certainly want to make sure that what you use will get rid of or at least contain your acne breakouts. So before you reach out for a bottle, cream or pill, read this.

Acne is actually a rather complex disease, even though the clinical manifestation is rather simple: pimples!  The driving force behind the formation of pimples is what is more complex. For instance, some women have an over-secretion of the adrenal glands that leads to elevated levels of testosterone (and androgen) in their blood, which is the cause of acne. For some, during adolescence, there may be a large growth spurt with very high levels of hormones. For others, acne is linked to their menstrual cycle. Genetic variation is also a large contributing factor; if parents had acne, it is likely their children will also have acne.

The length of treatment and dose of AcnEase® is also dependent upon a number of factors including:

  • Is your acne mild, moderate or severe?
  • Is your acne chronic (lasting for over a year)?
  • Do you have cystic acne (bumps under the skin)?
  • Do you have inflammatory acne (pustules and papules)?
  • Is your acne primarily comedones (black heads and white heads)?
  • Is your acne restricted to your face or also present on your torso (back and chest)?
  • Are you preadolescent, teenage or adult?

All of these factors, in addition to your own genetic makeup, will contribute to how you respond to any and every acne product, including AcnEase. The answers to the above questions will help you make the right decision about the regimen you should follow to get the best results. Eliminating symptoms and preventing acne from coming are key factors in your success - so make sure that your acne treatment can do both.

Our Personal Smart System┬« will help you learn what type of acne you have, and which treatment is right for you.
Now go enjoy your acne-free life! 

With a promise of clear skin,
Dr. A

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