Chin Acne??? Why do I get them and how to get rid of them

Chin Acne??? Why do I get them and how to get rid of them

Do you know the feeling?

It looks like a normal night but…. In the morning…… the mirror tells you a different story. Where was a clear skin now-there are breakouts, zits, pimples…. In short–you just woke up to chin acne!

So why do we get them and how to get rid of them?

Also-can we PREVENT them from coming? Can we get rid an early stage acne such as whiteheads and blackheads , stubborn clogged pores and of course those pesty chin breakouts that can ruin our mornings….

What causes acne on the chin?

Hormones: Chin acne are often a result of a more serious issue – hormonal acne that results not only from puberty and you monthly hormone fluctuation but is actually connected to hormonal imbalance (adult hormonal acne) Hormonal fluctuation is actually one of the primary reasons for getting acne on the lower face, including the chin and jawline. Hormonal acne can resemble regular acne, but it's typically cystic, meaning it's deeper, more painful, doesn't always come to a head, and can persist for several days to weeks.

Environment factors like stress: Our body reaction to stress is very often increased production of hormones that help in responding to stress. Testosterone is one of such hormones. So is adrenaline and nor-adrenaline and… they actually can also increase production of sebum and therefore trigger the can cascade.

Genetics: Yes- acne may be hereditary so if you know that it runs in your family. TAKE PRECAUTIONS

Lifestyle: Binging on sugar, not washing your makeup for a night, “forgetting shower after the exercise or and touching your chin with dirty hands are great “ acne helpers” Oh – and don’t forget about pressing dirty objects like phones or unwashed pillowcases against the skin that can also cause chin acne

How do you get rid of hormonal chin acne?

At-home treatments for chin acne:

First of all you should have a skincare routine that PREVENTS formation of acne and helps to get rid of existing breakouts. Try the only 100% herbal, safe and 96% effective systemic treatment -AcnEase®. AcnEase has the triple action: it is anti- inflammatory, antibacterial and also balances sebum production so it treats existing breakouts and nips the acne cascade in a proverbial butt.

While using AcnEase is the main tool to fight hormonal and chin acne there are some other important actions to remember: removing makeup and moisturizing every night, as well as protecting your skin with an appropriate sunscreen ( SPF 30 or higher ), changing your pillowcase often, keeping the face clean but without stripping your skin from the necessary oils (if you dry your skin too much it will respond by actually increasing the production of sebum so drastic measures such as salicylic acid are not the best option) will help to keep the skin in a better shape.

If you want to incorporate some mild chemical exfoliants, to get rid of dead skin cellsand get deep into pores to dissolve excess oil this can also be helpful to prevent zits. Which hazel, tee three oil even products including glycolic acid can help. Home made chamomile astringent has both moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties and they all pretty much work for every type of skin

Additionally, a dab of a topical antibiotic (Neosporin) or topical OTC retinoids can help manage chin acne. Adapalene (like Differin), an over-the-counter retinoid for acne, essentially puts your skin-renewal process into overdrive, turning over your skin cells faster, giving them less of a chance to clog pores and preventing acne marks and scars. The problem is that it is only works when you use it. AcnEase will actually allow your sebaceous glands to return toe “ balanced state” so acne may disappear for long time or even forever.

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