Does Sex Affect Acne in Women?

Does Sex Affect Acne in Women?

While the topic of sex may be considered bedroom talk to some, experts and acne sufferers are having open and honest conversations about its impact on skin health and condition.

If you've ever been curious about the link between the two, you're in luck! Here we'll explain how some intimate fun can keep your skin healthy and clear. Additionally, we'll take a look at the role of sex hormones in the development of women's acne and what you can do to prevent acne.

Sex - good for your relationship and good for your skin

It's no mystery that sex can bring you closer to that special someone, but there are also a number of other physical benefits that can help those struggling with acne:

  • Sex helps boost your body's ability to produce collagen, which is essential for building healthy, acne free skin. The extra boost of this substance keeps your skin looking healthy and supple, and it can even reduce the appearance of acne scars and blemishes. There are a number of skincare products that already contain collagen, but since this is a really large molecule, most of those products do not have the ability to get collagen into the skin, so their impact is minimal. There are some new procedures that stimulate production of your own collagen (ex. cold laser), yet all of them are expensive, much less pleasant and sometimes outright painful. So why spend extra money (and possibly endure pain) when your body can produce it in such an enjoyable and healthy way?
  • Having sex is like a cardio workout - it boosts the circulation of blood throughout your body. When this occurs, your skin receives more oxygen-rich blood that can keep it looking young and healthy. When your skin regularly receives this oxygenated blood, you'll find that your acne scars heal faster and breakouts may not be as severe, since it not only provides you with nutrients but also helps speed up the elimination process of acne-causing toxins.
  • A lot of heat is generated during sex, and all that sweating can lead to pores that open up more than usual. This can be great for keeping them clean and unclogged-but always remember to shower off afterwards (if possible), since leaving sweat to evaporate on the skin can lead to an accumulation of even more dirt and debris to keep your pores clogged.
  • Studies have shown that sex can help boost the levels of immunoglobulin in the body as well. This protein is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, which in turn is important in the fight against acne. When your immune system is running at full capacity, dealing with the inflammation and bacterial infections associated with acne becomes much easier.
  • Hormones are the key - in both sex and acne
    There's no doubt that hormones play a big role in sex and sexual attraction, but they're also an important component of women's struggles with acne.

    Despite being commonly considered a male sex hormone, androgen is produced by a women's body as well, and it's frequently the primary culprit when it comes to breakouts. When there is too much androgen present in the blood, your body may send signals to your skin's sebaceous glands to start producing more skin oil than is necessary to keep it healthy. This excess oil clogs your pores and starts the frustrating cycle of acne.

    Sexual activities play a definite and positive role in internally balancing the hormones (estrogen and androgens (testosterone). So as sex will not treat acne, it will certainly add to the health and balance of the body, therefore, having a positive impact on balancing hormones the body produces.

    Too much estrogen actually lowers libido, and many women who suffer with acne are actually prescribed an oral contraceptive (which is an off label use of the product - meaning, it's not the initially clinically tested and approved use) that contain estrogen (women hormone). There are many current hazards of treating acne with birth control. The FDA has issued a clear warning about the side effects of birth control pills sold in the US, and 4 of the pills that are already on their list are a subject of a class action suit.

    AcnEase - an alternative to contraceptives
    Many women come to us when they're looking for a more natural way to treat acne that doesn't require oral contraceptives. AcnEase may be the right choice for you too (especially since it has an extremely high user success rate for a natural medicine - up to 96%!). Unlike birth control, AcnEase doesn't actually alter your hormone levels - instead it alters the signals they send to your skin. And unlike birth control, AcnEase doesn't contain estrogen-like substances (no phytoestrogens either) and doesn't come with any unwanted side effects.

    So what are you waiting for? There's no time like the present to start enjoying the skincare benefits of sex!

    With a promise of clear skin,
    Dr. A

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