Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Buttne

Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Buttne

Buttne (butt acne) tends to be a hush-hush topic. However, it’s a real problem that acne sufferers must deal with, and without a conversation, it may never be treated correctly! Below, we take a look at how to prevent butt pimples and cysts.

Yoga Pants—Your Skin’s Worst Enemy

They may be all the rage, but yoga pants can spell trouble if you’re trying to avoid buttne. One of the main problems with these comfy bottoms is their fit—they’re simply too tight. As your skin creates new cells, the old ones are, ideally, sloughing off. However, in yoga pants, this doesn’t occur. Instead, your dead cells are forced to stay on the surface of your skin, where they clog your pores and set the stage for a breakout all over your posterior. In addition, many yoga pants are made of material that fosters sweat rather than promoting adequate ventilation. Sweat will increase the incidence of dead skin cells and any other debris or dirt that “packs” the pores.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up yoga pants entirely to avoid these problems—but you will need to reduce the amount of time that you wear them. Instead of wearing them around the house or out and about 24/7, find a looser-fitting but equally comfortable pair of pants. You can still wear yoga pants to the gym or for other short periods of time, but think of yoga pants in the same way you do as your bathing suit, wear it for the activity it was designed for and then change. Please also remember to wash them often using a mild detergent and the double rinse cycle.

Thongs. Sexy but Steer Clear

When you wear a thong, there is no barrier between your skin and your clothing and your chances of buttne increases significantly. Thongs cause friction and lock in sweat, which contribute to pimples. Select cotton underwear whenever you are wearing tight clothing or working out. This allows your skin to breathe and provides a protective layer between your skin and your clothing.

Heat. Another Buttne Culprit

Acne-causing bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments, which is exactly what develops on your lower half when your pants keep you too toasty.

Select loose fitting clothing that provides you with the most air circulation until your current buttne is gone. Shorts, skirts and dresses are best for this and with a little rummaging through your closet or even a trip to the mall, it’s possible to find long pants that can accommodate you in this respect too. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear flowing skirts and maxi dresses forever, but make your clothing selections wisely until the problem subsides.

Wash Your Bum Last

Be sure you’re practicing good hygiene. Shower regularly to remove any sweat the lower part of the body generates. Like dead skin cells, sweat has a bad habit of clogging your pores and facilitating buttne breakouts. Think logically when you are bathing and remember to wash your body, top to bottom. You should always wash your hair and shave your body parts first, then move on to cleansing your body. By using this approach, you ensure that remnants from shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream are not left on your skin. Cleansing your body last allows you to be in charge of how clean you are when you step out of the shower.

Buttne Lookalikes

If you’re addicted to yoga pants and find yourself sweating a lot, chances are that you problems are legitimately buttne. However, there is a possibility that it’s something else—ingrown hairs. Like a pimple, an ingrown hair is caused by a clogged pore, but in this case a hair is the reason behind the clogged pore. Unfortunately, loose-fitting pants and keeping dry won’t do much to eliminate and prevent these—it’s more about the texture of your hair.

While they may look alike, there are some techniques for telling them apart. For one, ingrown hairs tend to occur more in areas where you regularly shave. Acne and buttne, on the other hand, will occur in any area where you have a clogged pore. Additionally, buttne tends to have a more raised appearance than ingrown hairs. If you find yourself with an ingrown hair on your derriere, try exfoliating with a clean loofah or scrub brush on a daily basis until the hair works itself out and/or you are able to remove it with tweezers.


Any type of acne, regardless of where it surfaces, is best treated and prevented from the inside out. In most instances, acne is the result of a hormonal imbalance. When your body releases too much androgen into your bloodstream, this may send signals to your skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. As you already know, too much skin oil can clog your pores and create a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. AcnEase® (our botanical ingredient based acne treatment) was designed upon the premise of moderating your body’s response to hormones in the blood without actually affecting the hormones at all. It basically attacks the problem where it originates.

AcnEase® limits your body’s response to hormones in the blood and helps your production of skin oil stay at levels that are beneficial to your skin. Since AcnEase® does not affect hormones directly nor change the amount, it can be used by anyone - women and men, adults and adolescents, women taking oral contraceptives, women trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or just had a baby. It’s also free of sugar, gluten, nuts and milk derivatives nor does it contain any chemicals, GMO’s or phytoestrogens.

So how are you going to get started by beautifying your backside? Have you tried anything yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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