Friday Favorites: Living an Acne-Free Lifestyle

Friday Favorites: Living an Acne-Free Lifestyle

Our Friday Favorites are designed to provide you with a round-up of some of the behind the scenes topics we discussed this week with acne sufferers, and also our top finds across the web which will help you live an acne-free lifestyle.  Living a healthier lifestyle helps AcnEase┬« do its job by rebalancing your sebaceous glands to produce a normal amount of you an acne-free complexion long-term!


AcnEase Behind the Scenes Discussions
First, let's recap on what we talked about behind the scenes this week with some current and new clients.
Q:  Can you recommend what time in the day is best to take AcnEase?
A:  We suggest that you take AcnEase every day in the morning, mid day and evening before or with a meal and with plenty of water. Please make sure to take it regularly - this is the only way to see the best results.
Q:  I have been using your product for three years for maintenance. Is that safe?
A: Yes, it is completely safe.  AcnEase has been tested for safety, is gluten free, free of milk derivatives, phyto-estrogen free, sugar free and, of course, chemical free. None of its herbal ingredients have ever been listed on FDA dangerous or even questionable 
herbs list. We have clients that use the product for over ten years.
Q:  I've been using [a topical acne treatment] for years - my symptoms go and then they come back and I'm done with it, so I'm going to give AcnEase a try. But I'm nervous to take a pill.  What are the benefits?  What backing does the product have?
A:  Topical products cannot get to the root of the acne problem, because they only hit the first few layers of the skin.  So yes, they may temporarily alleviate symptoms, but they will not be able to completely eliminate and prevent acne - which is what AcnEase does. Many people are like you and nervous to take a tablet.  AcnEase has been clinically validated and tested to the highest extent for safety and efficacy, and it is backed by the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 - and we even offer a 60 day money back guarantee to back up our statements.  The ingredients are of the highest quality plant derivatives, so there are no harmful chemicals and no adverse side effects.  
How to Be Acne-Free for the Summer 
Eat Fresh to Have an Acne-Free Lifestyle 
The key to getting rid of acne is prevention - this is what AcnEase does. What you choose to put in to your body will effect all the hard work you've put in to getting rid of your acne.  Choosing a healthier lifestyle will enable you to keep long-term results.  Here are some resources on how to find local, fresh food: connects consumers with local farmers, buying clubs, farmers markets and restaurants that offer fresh, organic and sustainable food.


EatLocalGrown enables you to also find locally grown food, now.  Enter your zipcode and hit search. 




Have a great weekend!

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