How Do We Know The Path To Clear Skin

How Do We Know The Path To Clear Skin

We all know the universal struggle of having clear, flawless skin - but how do we know the path to clear skin if we don’t know what’s causing our acne?

The causes of acne and breakouts can be sorted into two main causes - internal and external.

External Causes of Acne

External causes include using the wrong kind of skin care products, pollution, and not removing makeup properly. When it comes to using the wrong products, it’s easy enough to eliminate exactly what products are the source of the issue - you should always patch test new products if you’re not sure if it will break you out!

This applies to makeup too. Air pollution and makeup can clog pores if not removed thoroughly and gently - but if you’ve tried it all and it seems like nothing helps, your acne could be caused by internal factors.

Internal Causes of Acne

Internal causes of acne include hormones, diet, and stress. While the relationship between diet and acne isn’t solid, some people do find that their skin is better when they avoid certain food groups - especially dairy. It’s thought that the hormones in dairy support inflammation in the skin, causing persistent acne that doesn’t seem to go away.

Stress can contribute to acne, by also putting hormones out of whack - cortisol, aka the stress hormone, can start a ‘chain reaction’ that leads to stress-related breakouts. When it comes to hormones, they can still cause acne - even if you’re past your teenage years!

What Is AcnEase?

AcnEase is one of the only products on the market that can help resolve acne by correcting and healing the internal issues that manifest as acne on the skin. A herbal supplement treatment, AcnEase breaks the cycle of acne from within for clear skin long after the treatment period is over. Results are seen as soon as 7-10 days, and a full treatment cycle depends on the concern being treated. Unlike other treatments, it has a 96% success rate of clearing acne - permanently.

Why Is it Better Than Other Options?

Compared to other acne treatments, AcnEase works on the internal causes of acne - not external. So, they only work as long as you use them. While products applied to the skin can be effective, there is almost always a tradeoff. Some topical treatments dry and irritate the skin, and there are others that make skin incredibly sensitive to sunlight - meaning you'll have to stay out of the sun or else leave your skin prone to UV light damage.

While treatments like isotretinoin are also used to treat the internal causes of acne, it can take a heavy toll on the body, causing side effects such as dry skin, painful joints and may be linked to depression. Unlike isotretinoin, AcnEase is formulated to be completely free from harmful side- effects like sensitivity to the sun and excessive dryness, just to name a few.

How Do I Know If AcnEase Is Right for My Acne?

AcnEase can be used for all types of acne from mild to severe, and for maintaining skin against acne and rosacea. Results for healing facial acne may be seen after one month of use, and it can take up to 12 weeks to see results for body acne - the actual duration of treatment can vary depending on the severity of acne being treated, and if it’s face or body acne.

Mild Acne is characterized by small, but persistent pimples that can be present anywhere on the face or body. They’re shallow and don’t tend to leave indented scars behind. To treat Mild acne, 4 tablets should be taken twice a day for those weighing less than 175 lbs, or 4 tablets taken 3 times a day for those weighing more.

Moderate Acne is characterized by larger areas of the skin covered in pimples, plus more inflammation. Some pimples can be a bit deeper or appear as cystic acne. To treat Moderate acne, 4 tablets should be taken three times a day for those weighing less than 175 lbs, or 6 tablets taken 3 times a day for those weighing more.

Severe Acne describes chronic acne that covers large portions of the face that is persistent, inflamed, and often cystic. These pimples typically leave icepick or boxcar scars due to the inflammation. To treat this level of acne, 6 tablets should be taken three times a day.

After your individual course of AcnEase is finished according to the severity of your acne, a maintenance dose is recommended to ensure that the acne does not return and to maintain the overall health of your skin. It also helps to soothe the symptoms of rosacea, reducing the appearance of the trademark flushed, red skin associated with it.

AcnEase is an insanely effective and credible long-term solution for healing acne-prone skin. It balances the causes of acne from within, permanently banishing zits, pimples and blackheads for blemish-free skin!

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