How to Prevent Acne Breakouts

How to Prevent Acne Breakouts

The Old Adage “An Ounce of Prevention is Better than a Pound of Cure” certainly applies to acne treatment

Although the clinical manifestation of acne is quite simple, pimples appear on ones face, acne is actually a rather complex disease.  What is causing the formation of pimples is what is actually more complicated.  If we can understand what is causing acne in the first place we can develop a way toprevent acne pimples from forming and alleviate the need to treat existing acne.

Let’s look at what may be causing your acne. Some women may have an over secretion of the adrenal glands that leads to elevated levels of testosterone (an androgen) in their blood which is the cause of their acne.  For some individuals during adolescents may be a large growth spurt with very high levels of fluctuating hormones, for others it is linked to their menstrual cycle.  For men it may be a result of high testosterone levels but also increased levels of estrogen and other hormones as well can be the culprit causing their acne

Genetic variation is also a large contributing factor, if one’s parents had acne it is likely their children may also have acne. Finally even things such as lifestyle, diet or skincare habits which may not be responsible for causing your acne but may exacerbate existing acne.   

The good news is that for all of the above scenarios the common denominator is over production of sebum (skin oil) by the sebaceous glands which can lead to clogged pores.  Once your pores are clogged, dead skin cells accumulate and provide an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria leading to red an inflamed pimples.

Acne can be divided into several stages of development and the entire progression is can be considered as the acne cascade: 

  1. First step is over secretion of sebum (skin oil) by the sebaceous glands
  2. Pores in the skin become clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells (seen as white heads and black heads)
  3. Bacteria (P.acnes) can begin to grow in these clogged pores
  4. The body sends in white blood cells (inflammatory cells) to kill the bacteria
  5. Formation of pustules and papules with redness surrounding the pimples appear on the skin surface
  6. Inflammation spreads outside the pore to surrounding tissue to form cysts the most severe form of acne

As you can see the very first step in the cascade is the over production of skin oil by the sebaceous glands.  If the goal is prevent acne pimples from forming then any treatment option requires intervention at this step.  Accutane for example works by reducing sebum production but is associated with many serious side effects therefore it is often reserved for those with the most severe forms of acne. 

AcnEase is an all natural herbal product that also targets the over production of sebum  in the skin.  The ingredients in AcnEase work to reduce the impact of fluctuating hormones and other drivers of acne formation from stimulating the sebaceous glands.  By reducing sebum production AcnEase works to prevent new pimples from forming. AcnEase also contain some mild anti-inflammatory herbals extracts and antiseptic herbal extracts  that help with exiting pimples  but the fight with exiting acne can also be supported by use the over counter topical products. These topical products can accelerate the disappearance of existing acne.

It seems to make common sense, however, that instead of waiting for a pimple to form to treat the problem it would be better to simply prevent the pimples from forming in the first place.  Hence it seems abundantly clear that when it comes to acne treatment “An ounce of prevention is clearly better than a pound of cure” So lets make a new proverb:

AcnEase a Day keeps the Acne Away

AcnEase provides a simple, safe and proven way to prevent acne from forming and attaining the goal of acne free skin. 

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