How to REALLY Clean Acne Prone Skin Without Chemicals

How to REALLY  Clean Acne Prone Skin  Without Chemicals

One of the most prevailing and potentially disadvantageous myths about cleaning acne prone skin is a belief that you need to use salicylic acid or alcohol based products to do it, and in addition, scrape the skin during vigorous exfoliation.


As the intentions behind this belief are good (killing bacteria that thrive in clogged pores), and some may even experience a temporary decrease in pimples, long term effects are certainly not worth it. A few of the adverse effects you may expect from this type of cleaning is dry, irritated, prematurely aged, sun sensitive skin, and an actual increase in inflammation due to skin abrasion.


So how do you clean and take care of acne prone skin without harsh chemicals?


Here are some basic rules on what to choose, how to do it and a few homemade natural recipes that may help to do it better.

  1. If you buy cleaner, toner and astringent - choose those without salicylic acid, alcohol, peroxide or oils; look for those that are non-comedogenic.
  2. If you have active acne, do not use harsh exfoliation agents that may further injure or irritate the skin, increasing inflammation.
  3. Do NOT vigorously rub your skin while washing or drying - instead use a soft circular motion, and pat-dry the skin with a soft cloth or cotton pads. Avoid very hot water that will stimulate oil production.

Try these natural, effective, inexpensive and easy to use alternatives to clean, tone and disinfect your skin; and even get rid of the dead skin cells (exfoliate).


Cleaning the Skin:  The steps are in chronological order.

Make-up Removal
: Try baby moisturizing oil (on a cotton pad or ball)


Natural Cleanser: Use natural, steel cut oats (oats have anti-inflammatory and protective ingredients). 


Soak 2 tablespoons of natural oats in 2-3 tablespoons of luke warm water for 3-5 minutes. Use the milky liquid as a homemade milk "cleanser" and the soften oats as a delicate "sponge" all over the face. It is a bit messy but feels great. Remember to rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.


Natural Toner/Astringent: Use Chamomile Tea Astringent twice a day all over the face. Chamomile contains wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.


Steep 3-4 chamomile tea bags to brew a very strong tea - when cool, use a cotton pad to apply to acne twice a day. Store in your fridge for up to 2 days.


Natural Topical Pimple Treatment: Saturate a Q-tip with Witch Hazel, and delicately clean active pimples 2 times a day. Witch hazel helps in reducing irritation and inflammation.


Natural Exfoliator: Try this scrumptious Papaya Mask. Papaya is loaded with Vitamin C, A and E, which are excellent for the skin and contain natural enzymes that will "dissolve" dead skin cells without the abrasion.


Mush fresh ripe papaya (without seeds!) either in a blender or by fork if very ripe. Warm 2 tablespoons of honey for 5-10 sec in the microwave. Add to papaya. Mix well. Put on dry and clean skin (face, neck, even shoulders) and leave on for 10-15 min. Rinse with luke warm water. Pat dry. 



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