How to treat your acne in 2019

How to treat your acne in 2019

Amongst the eat healthier, exercise more, volunteer more resolutions, there would be a number of people who finally decide to join the “go to natural” movement this new year 2019. The reason for this is that more and more people are beginning to realize natural remedies/products are just as effective as chemical products. Plus there is the added benefit of minimal to no side effects and more synergistic interaction with your internal functions to produce better sustainable results. As such the use of natural skin care products/remedies for the treatment of acne is on the rise.

1. Diet: The effect of Organic Clean Foods and Veggies that Aid the Production of Collagen/Reduce Inflammation and Infection on the Skin

Ever heard the saying ‘we are what we eat’? There is a certain level of truth in that statement. Most food produce grown in America in recent years contain pesticides on skin surfaces, antibiotic and growth hormones injected into animal produce. For those already prone to acne, this only serves to exacerbate their skin condition as this worsens their hormonal imbalance (the true cause of chronic acne). Going organic not only helps to alleviate the severity of acne but also eliminates the amount of harmful chemicals consumed. In addition, deciding to include certain veggies and fruits to your diet will also aid your body in repairing your skin’s health. For more information on some veggies you can include in your diet, check out 9 acne fighting foods found in your salad. One example of a vegetable that aids your body in fighting off skin infection and inflammation is lettuce. This is due to the amount of nutrients/ vitamins contained in this veggie. There are a number of foods you can include in your diet that would be beneficial to both your skin and total health. As such, there is something for everyone and there is no need to force yourself to eat something you do not like.

2. Moisturize more during the cold weather

During winter, the humidity drops which in turn dries out the skin. The body attempts to compensate for this by increasing the amount of sebum produced to moisturize both the skin and hair. In some cases, the sebaceous gland becomes overstimulated and produces too much sebum resulting in winter acne. To avoid this, moisturize every time you wash your face or any time you notice your skin is dry. It is especially important to use a mild non-comedogenic moisturizer for acne prone skin types so as not to clog the pores.

3. Skincare Routine / Stress Reduction

Both people who have acne prone skin and those who do not are likely to be affected by certain external factors if their skin care routine is handled improperly. Below are a few skin care tips:

  • First of all, remember to wash your pillows once every 6 months and pillow case every week. This eliminates any bacteria and dirt build up from sweat, drool and make up.
  • Wash your face with warm water and a mild natural soap when you get up and before you go sleep at night.
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible, as increases the amount of bacteria on your face.
  • Gently exfoliate your skin once a week with warm water, a mild natural soap and a soft facial bristle brush to reduce the amount of dead skin on skin surface.

Stress has also been shown to be an influencing factor as most people tend to break out more when stressed. This is due to the hormones the body produces when we are stressed, this causes an hormonal imbalance that can exacerbate acne. Yoga and meditation have been known to reduce stress, hence you can include this in your schedule.

Acnease treatment/Recommended makeup for acne prone skin types

 For those suffering from chronic acne, the best option is to go after the true cause of the acne which is the over stimulation of the sebaceous gland caused by the excess production of the androgen hormone. Acnease is used in this instance to stabilize this production and help your body reach its natural balance. As this is an internal process that gently guides your system, it would take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for balance to be reached. During this waiting period, you should only use non-comedogenic foundations and concealers that were formulated for acne prone skin to reduce the appearance of acne. These products are airy, creamy and light, thus reducing the chances of clogged pores.

Is Acnease a Natural Treatment? Yes, acnease is a herbal supplement that works to naturally aid your body in the regulation of the androgen hormone (responsible for the stimulation of the sebaceous glands). Moreover, it was formulated by a team of doctors who specialize in skin issues. As such, it is the best natural treatment option for you as it has been shown to be effective in over 96% of all patients who have tried it. 

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