Is Gluten Responsible For Acne

Is Gluten Responsible For Acne

Gluten is a little bit of a buzzword these days, I am sure you have seen it on the side of food packaging and marketing materials waving the flag to ensure you know if something is gluten free. But why, what is it?! Many sources claim that gluten is safe for everybody, except perhaps people with a diagnosis of celiac disease or display similar symptoms.  But confusingly other health professionals suggest that gluten is in fact harmful for the majority of people and we should be looking out for the gluten free badges. So, where do we stand and what are the implications?!

Well, here at AcnEase we aim to answer the above questions and provide information to enable you to weave your way through a minefield of scientific sources, marketing, diet control and so on.
Just a few years ago we would not have even heard of gluten and now it’s the food industry ‘baddy’ that everyone is wary of.

Gluten quickly became the villain of the food industry and getting the blame for all sorts of symptoms and disorders. As a result this triggered the birth of a whole range of ‘gluten-free’ products ranging across all major supermarkets. But before you head for the gluten free isle and stock up on all things with yellow packaging, is gluten really responsible for acne!?

What Is It?!

Gluten is a range or family of proteins typically found in foods such as wheat, spelt and barley. You may be more familiar with wheat as this is the most commonly consumed source of gluten.

As a result of flour being mixed with water the protein elements of gluten become sticky and form a glue like consistency, hence 'glu'-ten, you heard it here first! This consistency is exactly why dough becomes elasticated and encourages the bread to rise when baked.

But, can Gluten cause my acne?! 

Of course we are what we eat and there is most certainly a link between the foods we consume and the optimal function of our body. However, a direct link between gluten and acne is a lot less well informed.

Again eating a well balanced proportionate diet is crucial for optimal functioning, combating and even preventing many conditions. But before you avoid gluten rich foods specifically to avoid getting acne or as a treatment for acne do consider the evidence bases of these foods.

What I am getting at is that if you are not gluten intolerant then it is very unlikely that gluten is the root cause of your acne. Why would it be?! If you are not intolerant then this means your body is able to receive and process gluten in a systematic manner, without the side effect of acne.

In saying this if you already have a specific condition, such as celiac disease or are intolerant to the consumption of gluten then this can have further adverse effects on your symptoms such as promote or encourage acne. But again gluten is not the cause of the acne here, just possibly a maintenance factor. A further side effect of gluten intolerance is inflammation. This inflammation can occur across the body, internally and externally over the skin, making breakouts of acne worse. The inflammation of the skin can scar the skin and weaken skin cells making that area more prone to future acne breakouts. But once more, gluten is not the root cause of the breakout, rather a contributor jumping on the bandwagon of a preceding condition.

Acne Breakouts

OK, so we have established that gluten can indeed worsen symptoms and exacerbate conditions that are already there. But this is not the root cause of acne breakouts, in fact gluten doesn't play much of a role in your hormone level disruption either and not classed a primary reason behind the cycle process of acne and skin inflammation. With this in mind, we can now rule out that removing gluten from your diet is a treatment for acne.

This leaves us with the golden opportunity to treat acne at the real source. AcnEase specialise in natural treatments for clearing skin conditions such as blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin, redness as well as inflammation of the skin. AcnEase skin care range allows you to improve your skin care game by providing botanical skin care products that combat hormonal imbalance preventing future breakouts.

AcnEase products aim to treat the root of skin conditions by stabilising the overproduction of sebum and moderating testosterone levels in the blood stream. All this is done using safe and natural products that improve your current skin condition as well as prevent future breakouts.

We understand that when experiencing acne or other skin conditions it can be very frustrating, especially if they are on a cycle and keep returning. Finding a true treatment can be a minefield and exploring every avenue for a cure is exhausting. But acnEase makes this process simpler with its range of effective products together with the understanding that gluten does not cause acne, thus decreasing acne breakouts and preventing future skin conditions. 

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