June is Acne Awareness Month-Do Not Fall Into Acne Myths Trap

June is Acne Awareness Month-Do Not Fall Into Acne Myths Trap
  • Acne is a manifestation of an internal imbalance and a result of over production of oil (sebum) by your sebaceous glands. As a result – any real treatment for acne needs to involve returning the sebaceous glands to “normal” production of sebum (skin oil). If skin glands produce too much sebum – it will clog pores, attract dirt and finally attract bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) to initiate the acne cascade. It is true that some environmental factors such as diet, stress, and skincare routine (or the lack thereof) , even some medications (like hormones) can additionally exacerbate acne breakouts. There are some products or regimens which can help with acne treatment, however, the only real treatment of acne starts within your body. In addition, since 75%+ of all people independently of economic status, geographical location, skin color etc will suffer from some form of acne at certain time in their lives. There are many myths and beliefs perpetuated on social media that actually may disrupt or even hinder treatment of acne. Since untreated acne may lead to permanent acne marks and scars, not even mentioning an unhealthy and unhappy social life it is important that we address at least some of these misperceptions.
  • Only teenagers experience acne: WRONG While acne is more common for teenagers, plenty of adults experience acne as well. Over 30% of women and 15-20% of men in their 40s report having acne. During the last decade-(10 years!) the average age of an acne sufferer increased by 5 years from 21 years old to 26 years old.
  • Acne only affects oily skin: WRONG. Oily skin is associated with acne because excess oil (sebum) clogs pores, but even individuals with dry skin can suffer from acne. For those with overly dry skin flakes, and dead skin cells can clog the pores too. In addition, dry and sensitive skin is easily irritated and inflamed which may attract bacteria resulting in further inflammation which can than lead to the formation of acne cysts and other acne manifestations.
  • Cleansing your face multiple times, a day, using alcohol or acid containing product and vigorous rubbing, -will help you to treat and prevent acne, WRONG. Cleaning your face with non-comedogenic cleaser is important; rubbing your skin may produce micro abrasion and facilitate bacteria entering the deeper layers of your skin. In addition, over washing and over drying your skin will force skin to protect itself by producing even more sebum. Using a mild cleanser twice a day will be the most recommended routine you can adopt for clear skin.
  • You can treat your acne by avoiding bread, grain, milk and other food. WRONG. A healthy and balanced diet is very important for the health of your body and its largest organ- your skin. Without some specific allergies like grain (celiac disease) or lactose intolerance (dairy) there is no reason to blame acne on a healthy and balanced diet. The fact is that too much simple sugar is detrimental to skin health since it produces something that can be compared with caramelization of the skin speeding up aging, increasing inflammation and facilitating acne breakouts. Obviously, therefore limiting simple and processed sugars from your diet will help your skin fight acne.
  • Sun exposure will clear up your skin: WRONG Sunlight can (temporarily) help to kill acne-causing bacteria, and pimples might be less visible on a tanned complexion. However, this is a superficial and short -term effect. Too much exposure to sunt may cause cancer, also excess sun exposure dries out your skin, encouraging it to produce more oil to compensate the loss and as a result increasing the probability of acne returning fast and ferious to your face and body. Finally, the sun ages your skin causing deep damage, wrinkles and discolorations. In short non comedogenic SPF 30 should be on everyone’s face all day long.
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