Listen Up Ladies! This is for YOU!

Listen Up Ladies!  This is for YOU!

In our quest to spread awareness about safe and effective acne treatments this June for acne awareness month, we're focusing on the ladies today!  So ladies (and moms of teens!), listen up - not only will this information help you, but also your children or the men and women that you know with acne. 


Only women get adult acne.

False. Both women and men can suffer from adult acne - over 20% of adult men have acne. The problem is that women are much more likely to treat acne earlier while men may suffer and often don't look for treatment until the problem is very aggravated.


The "pill" is a good choice to help acne.


FALSE. For many women, the "pill" seems like a quick fix for acne. Before you consider departing on this route, please note the FDA warnings on many oral contraceptives and think why pharmaceutical companies have stopped advertising these products on TV as both an oral contraceptive (OC) and as acne treatment. Read the reports on the OC Diane-35 that originated in Europe, Australia, and Canada.


And Moms of teens, please listen to this - the pill should not even be an option for teen acne.  Most birth control pills have not even been approved for this use (this practice is called off-label usage) and there are potential side effects.  Why pump more hormones in to your teen child when their bodies are still developing?


With the Promise of Clear Skin,

Dr. A

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