Makeup Guide for Post Acne and Oil Skin

Makeup Guide for Post Acne and Oil Skin

If you are like many other people, you assume your makeup regimen is going to help you cover up those problem areas and acne-prone regions of the skin. The problem is makeup products do not treat the underlying condition. That is why it is often beneficial to seek out natural based products that can treat your acne and then follow a few simple tips and tricks for minimizing damage to your skin from your makeup regimen.

Where to Start with Acne Care

If you have oily skin or you have an intense amount of acne, you may be frustrated with your makeup products. Instead of focusing first on makeup, get to the point of being post-acne. To do that, use natural acne treatment products that can help improve your skin's health, creating more of the balance you need for radiant, healthy skin.

Choosing the right formula is a good starting point. Options are available for those who have mild, moderate, or severe acne conditions and oily skin. If you have these, it is best to turn to an all botanical skin care line that can help with clearing your skin in no time. This can help get rid of whiteheads, blackheads, pimps, and even acne cysts that are often painful.

A component of this is working to balance skin chemistry, which requires balancing hormones and ensuring your skin is not overproducing oils due to other products, stress, or medications you are taking.

One of the best options in natural acne treatment is the use of AcnEase. It is unique in that it does not just treat the surface inflammation that is acne, but it goes further. It works with the endocrine system to create a better impact on the hormones that are causing oil skin to develop. By working to produce a more balanced skin competition, you end up with not just less oily skin but also a clear complexion. Because it is all natural, it feels good to use this product and get the results from it – you do not have to worry about side effects from it either.

How to Create a Makeup Regimen After Acne

If you are using a natural product to balance chemicals, hormones, and oil production, you want to be sure your makeup routine is going to support the healing and recovery of your skin instead of limiting it. There are a range of factors that play a role in that.

Consider these tips as you work to improve and maintain your skin’s health while also looking your very best when you do.

  • Look for oil-free products. When choosing any type of makeup product, especially foundations, you want to be sure that you are looking for products that are oil free. You may notice that they say non-comedogenic on them. These will help minimize breakouts and damage to the skin because they do not add additional levels of oils to your skin.
  • Avoid heavy makeup use. Right after your post-acne treatment, your skin is sensitive and still healing. You can use makeup but be sure you are using a product that is not overly heavy. You want to be able to wash it away with ease. Heavy products tend to hold onto more of the dirt and debris you come in contact with daily.
  • Pay attention to ingredients. If you use a makeup product and then breakout from it within a few days, read the label. Try to determine what type of ingredient in the makeup product is causing your outbreak. This is the only way to pinpoint specific chemicals or products that you may be overly sensitive to.
  • Aim for powders rather than liquids. This is another way to reduce how much material is being trapped in your pores. It is good for you to pay close attention to how much powder product you are adding to your skin. You do not want to have these items get into your skin.
  • All natural products work best. Whenever possible, purchase natural products for your makeup needs. This may include products that do not contain any chemicals or additives that typically cause inflammation.

Most importantly, purchase a high quality product. No matter what type or brand of makeup your purchase, be sure it offers a high quality concentration of ingredients. You want to be sure you get the results you want – and sometimes, if buying inferior products, you may be tempted to re-apply over and over again. It is best to avoid that by buying a higher quality product that will last longer.

Know How to Prep Your Skin

While using makeup as your skin recovers from acne damage is not a bad thing, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind as you use makeup. Specifically, you want to give your skin the very best ability to remain healthy. That typically means preparing your skin properly before you use makeup.

Before using any makeup, be sure to clean your face. That generally also means cleaning your hands to ensure they are not oily either. You will want to use a gentle cleanser on your skin that does not irritate or inflame it. Whenever possible, be sure to choose a product that is natural in composition since that helps minimize the amount of interaction it will have.

Once you wash your skin, use lukewarm water to rinse it. If you are still using any type of acne product, you will want to apply it at this point (unless the manufacturer’s instructions differ from this). After applying your acne medication, then apply a moisturizer to your skin. It is often recommended that you choose a moisturizer with sunscreen. Apply this now helps to lock in moisture and protect your skin all day.

Keep in mind that when choosing sunscreen products, some types can irritate your skin further and cause damage. That includes products that are inferior in quality. Look for a broad-spectrum product whenever possible.

Make Up Removal Matters Too

It is also important to consider how you treat your skin throughout the day and when you remove makeup from your skin later. It is important to always focus on protecting your skin. During the day, avoid applying a heavy amount of additional makeup to your skin. The more you put on, the more clogged your pores are going to get. If you need to reset your look later, try instead to re-wash your skin and start the process over, hopefully with a bit of a break in the middle.

When it comes to the end of the day, do not go to bed with makeup on. That can cause additional damage to your skin because your pores are clogged. That can lead to irritation and may trap oil in your skin even longer.

You can find a wide range of makeup removal products on the market to help with this process. As you consider your options, remember to look for a product that is oil free. You do not want to use a lot of oil based products on your skin at any time (even your moisturizers should be oil free).

After using the makeup remover, follow the same steps for washing your skin. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser that is designed for oily skin (however, if your acne and oil are well controlled, you may not need to use an oil-based skincare product). Avoid scrubbing your face even as you remove makeup. Use a gentle motion to pull off the makeup and any debris present.

It is often best to finish your night with a moisturizer (not one that is going to be oily) and allow your skin to remain make-up free overnight.

It All Starts with the Right Acne Treatment

If you are dealing with acne and oily skin, seek out an all natural acne treatment that can provide you with exceptional support. AcnEase is an excellent choice because it works to soothe the skin while also working directly with your endocrine system to reduce the production of hormones that directly lead to acne problems. Take a closer look at how these products may work to help improve the way your skin looks and feels every time you use them.

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