Male Hormonal Acne – Not Just Under Your Skin

Male Hormonal Acne – Not Just Under Your Skin

For those who have experienced any form of acne and pimples, it isn’t fun. Thinking a volcano is on your face, with everyone looking to see, one would get a bit self-conscious. With important life events, such as dating, school photos, or becoming an adult at 21, some younger men may think they have by-passed the usual teenage curse, even with its raging hormones, but then they see themselves struck with something that can be a confidence knocking experience. It’s the adult acne that is quite common for males. Lifestyle choices may heighten the acne and pimple breakouts, but hormones can contribute. But why?

Hormonal Acne is known as Acne Vulgaris. It can be anything from whiteheads, blackheads, rashes, red skin, and deep lesions and cysts.

It’s classified according to its severity:

  • Mild acnenon-inflammatory lesions, few inflammatory lesions, or both
  • Moderate acne: more inflammatory lesions, occasional nodules — hard, painful lesions, or both, and mild scarring
  • Severe acne: extensive inflammatory lesions, nodules, or both, and scarring, ongoing moderate acne that has not improved with conventional treatment after 6 months, or any acne that causes serious psychological distress.

The Good Things in Life are Not Always Clear

The good things in life – fast food, late nights, excess sugar, and alcohol - are not always clear when it comes to acne. It depends on how the body processes it. But with hormonal acne, it is the way the body deals with fighting bacteria and the changes in oil production (as sebum), as a result of changing hormones. It’s the clogging of the pores. The oil producing glands coming into contact with a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which produces more oil. The add the white blood cells then attack the bacteria, and that’s when spots appear. The usual location is the chin, but due to the stressful situation of having pimples and acne, the stress hormones (which can add more oil), can induce more spots to appear anywhere else on the face or body. So excessive stress isn’t helpful when one wants to combat their acne.

Hormonal Acne – Healing from the Inside

While some medical treatments may be the best bet for treating the appearance of acne, breakouts, and minor pimples, they usually come with problems down the track, like drying the skin out, which could lead to further breakouts over time. With AcnEase, the treatments are botanical based, so it helps the skin from the inside. Especially with hormonal acne. In-conjunction with the botanical, herbal based treatments, diet may be crucial to protecting the skin from further breakouts. Diet choices are also beneficial to counterbalance stress hormones that can contribute to acne, and testosterone, that often plays a part in the development of acne. Insulin levels in the from spikes in sugar levels have been known in many people to cause inflammation in the skin leading to breakouts. So with a wide range of hormonal factors for males, the solutions are to limit processed, low sugar foods, and enjoy a diet in good fats, such as chia seeds, avocado, and nuts, such as almonds and cashews.  

Hormonal Acne – Muscle and The Male

The hormone testosterone is regarded as the hormone that helps with muscle mass, sex drive, and even known for anti-ageing. But it can also influence the body to increase the development of pimples and acne. Especially in areas of the face, back and shoulders. Many males who work out with weights, have a greater chance of having acne or pimples. This can also include squat exercises, as that is said to increase testosterone levels quite well. So the solution to this would be using one of the minor treatments of AcnEase, and a diet of fruits and vegetables that would allow its nutrients to fuel the body, and allow easier excreting powers. Also having colder showers after working out, and using a natural cleanser based with tea tree or lemongrass oil would be beneficial. Sex has also been known to be a great solution to allow the excess testosterone to be used for this reason. This is why many who work out, feel they need to have sex to release all the ‘energy’.

Balance is Key

Hormonal Acne may be a pain, where it can cause more stress, especially when one has to look their best. But the AcnEase has the solutions to a problem that is very common. With the botanical products and a healthier diet, including fruits and vegetables, Hormonal Acne will be cleared in time, and to know that what has worked with many women, can also work just has well for the males.

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