Myths about acne treatment and make up

Myths about acne treatment and make up

Many of you have probably heard claims from commercials, friends and family about miracle acne treatments that work overnight. Then there’s the grandma advise to avoid makeup altogether if you are prone to acne and use your inner beauty to dazzle the world….

 Before you start making lifestyle changes that will not work or affect the way you feel about yourself and make hefty purchases for miracle cures that don’t work and contain toxic ingredients that actually damage your skin, here are a few facts you should be aware of.

Overnight Miracles

There are numerous products out there that make this promise and unsubstantiated claims you obviously would like to hear…, but beware of what you are actually buying as not only tHERE IS NO OVERNIGHT TREATMENT FOR ACNE AS IT COMES FROM YOUR BODY PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED FIRST,  but in addition,  some of those so-called miracle cures to contain harmful ingredients. . Moreover, even those that eventually help temporarily clear some of the existing acne pimples on your face or body are not treating the underlining issue. Remember, before you actually see the pimples, white/blackheads or even cysts they have been brewing beneath the surface for days and in some cases, months. These products only act to dry the surface acne, and this may be fine if you are using a natural product or home remedy to treat the infrequent or occasional acne that pops up. However, that is not the case for people who actually purchase these products, there is usually a deeper underlining issue causing their acne.

Most people who are willing to try anything, even too good to be true promises suffer from severe acne and have been living with this for a large portion of their lives. These are the people who actually fall into the category of those suffering from chronic acne. There is a hormonal imbalance that leads to the over stimulation of the sebaceous glands in their bodies. This then leads to the excess production of sebum (natural oils that moisturize the hair and body) which combines with dead skin to clog up the pores. Consequently providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is the true cause of acne for most chronic acne suffers and the only way to stop the acne before it occurs is to treat the underlining cause before the symptoms have a chance to appear. AcnEase is a herbal pill that was formulated by a team of doctors for just this purpose. It is all natural, totally safe small pill that works to naturally moderate the androgens action and impact (those hormones are mostly responsible for the stimulation of the sebaceous glands) without changing hormones themselves. This is VERY important as paying with hormone PRODUCTION may be dangerous for your health... This is a long-term solution that does not work overnight but instead let you see the first improvement within less than two weeks and most importantly helps you to get rid of the cause of your acne and safely regain internal hormonal balance. The topical treatment out there is trying to clear acne after they have formed and not actually stopping them from forming.

Only teenagers suffer from acne 

This is not true and has never been true. In fact, over the years the number of adults above the age of 25 suffering from adult acne has increased. The reason for this is not yet understood, but regardless of the cause, there has always been a large number of the adult population suffering from chronic acne. Even older adults in their 50s and 60s suffer from this skin condition. Hence there is no need to feel ashamed about your acne or the fact that you require extra treatment to rid yourself of this skin condition as this is a lot more common than you may think.

Once your acne has cleared, you no longer need treatment/maintenance

This assumption is incorrect. For instance, with AcnEase, after your hormones have been stabilized, you would still need one pill a day or every other day. The exact number may vary from person to person as human are individuals and the body’s needs differ from one person to the next. You will always be the best judge of how much you need for maintenance. One reason people suffering from chronic acne need a maintenance dosage is that their bodies are naturally sensitive to hormonal changes. As the body is constantly changing and undergoing different physiological changes as we age, there will always be changes in the hormonal balance in our bodies. People suffering from chronic acne naturally struggle with maintaining this balance. This is where the maintenance dosage comes in, it acts as a natural gentle aid that helps your body achieve the right balance, never allowing it to deviate too far. 

Makeup causes acne

This belief is not only incorrect but also can make you feel inadequate or uncomfortable totally unnecessarily and should be rephrased.  It is true that some types of makeup may clog your pore and further increase your chances of acne. However, the makeup that is specially made for acne prone skin does not cause acne as long as you remember to wash  the makeup off every day  at before going to sleep, with a proper mild 

Non-comedogenic and Non-acengenic makeups are recommended, especially for those with acne prone skin. The foundations and concealers should not be greasy or oily instead they should be light, creamy and airy. This allows your skin to breathe better and reduces the chances of irritation to exacting acne or the formation of new acne. Finally, you should always remember to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week as dirt and bacteria build upon their surfaces. You definitely do not want to rub a layer of bacteria on your skin every time you apply a coat.

Patience and persistence are always needed when treating chronic acne. You would want to choose a treatment that can be used long-term without any addictive and long-term side effect. AcnEase is a perfect choice as it is natural, plant-based and safe for long-term use.

Using the proper make-up during the treatment let you feel good and look good while treating the causes of acne and preventing new breakouts in the future. 

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