I want to stop taking the contraceptive pill, will AcnEase help to decrease new acne breakouts?

I want to stop taking the contraceptive pill, will AcnEase help to decrease new acne breakouts?

When you stop taking the contraceptive pill, you will create or increase a hormonal change and often at least temporary hormonal imbalance. This is due to taking away the oral contraceptive  (a foreign agent so to speak) from your body and leaving your body with a need to adjust to this change... Oral contraceptive is a hormonal medicine and affects your hormonal balance not only when you take it but also for a while after you stop.

When women begin taking oral contraceptives (OC’s) they often witness an acne flare up due to the influx of hormones being delivered to the body, and guess what? The same happens when these hormones are taken away. When you stop taking OC's, hormone levels become disrupted, which can then contribute to an acne breakout. Without the high estrogen levels to manage the androgen produced by the body, the sebaceous glands can cause oil-production levels to go into overdrive, which can lead to breakouts. Because birth control impacts the body hormonally, changes in the amount or frequency of that medication can end up affecting the body, and oftentimes the recurrence of acne symptoms is one of the first complaints women have when going off this type of contraceptive.

AcnEase will help both in the short term making acne less aggressive after you stop the pill and in the long run to get rid of the real cause of acne which is a hormonal imbalance, and what is a real culprit behind the overproduction of sebum that triggers the acne cascade ( acne formation process). You must understand however that returning your body to the NATURAL balance does not happen overnight  In addition, the  longer you take the pill, more time you will need to regain the internal balance and more time is needed to fight the rebound of acne. The good news is that the victory over acne is possible. Athe longercnEase is safe and effective when used properly according to the instructions and will in most cases help in this process.

The most effective in this case is treatment for severe acne . You can also start taking AcnEase while still using the pill. This combination is totally safe because these two products work completely differently (the contraceptive pill directly affects your hormones that's why it carries number of risks, while AcnEase does not affect your hormones). In short- AcnEase can help make the new acne breakout lighter and go away faster after stopping the pill.

Start with 3x4 tablets (morning, noon and night, 10 minutes before meals) for 4 days and then increase the dose to 3x6 tablets daily. You will probably need 2 or 3 months of treatment to get rid of all acne breakouts, but you will see an improvement after the first few weeks. If you have chronic hormonal adult acne, after getting clean skin, you may need a maintenance dose of 2x4 tablets daily to keep the acne from coming back.

It is always wiser to order at least two months of treatment to ensure continued use of AcnEase and to save on shipping.

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