Stress And Acne – What To Do About It

Stress And Acne – What To Do About It

Imagine waking up from your morning slumber and knowing that you have that school prom, that date, or a special event later that evening. You head to the mirror and see the zit on your chin. You see another on your cheek. You freak out, and you try to mask it with something, like make-up or a cream. You hope it vanishes by the time of the special event. You get stressed over it. It seems to get worse. This is familiar in many households, even on a daily basis.

Your body is a smart machine, able to handle complex problems and situations. But with many situations, they can be quite stressful. Stress in the body is nature’s way to know that you are alive. But stress for long periods may cause an array of problems, such as Acne.

When in stress, the body produces the “flight or fight” response, where we would be running away from beasts, or fighting to protect ourselves. Well that was in our historical times, unless you are currently located in the Amazon. But in our modern 21 st century living, we have more pressures than our ancestors, such as worry, anger, those pesky exams, that awful boss, or the pressures at work or college. Stress can trigger breakouts and acne. It can also be like a merry-go-round when the breakouts and acne can cause its own stress, which then would trigger more breakouts. It doesn’t help when people are in stress, and their lifestyle habits can make the skin problem worse, such as junk food, irregular sleeping patterns and reduction in exercising.

Acne – Hormones and Your Skin

When the body is in a state of long-term stress, it isn’t helped by the hormone Cortisol, which is released when the body is in its ‘flight or fight’ mode. Usually it depletes when we are back to balance, but with our modern lives, it can run through our blood longer than it should. Another hormone, Testosterone, which are a class of male sex hormones called androgens, can trigger acne by over-stimulating the oil glands. The oil is sebum, the skin’s natural oil. But if there is too much of it, follicles become clogged, pimples could appear. It’s the cortisol and androgens that are secreted by the endocrine system in response to stress.

In some people, when exercising strenuously, such as weight training, testosterone levels can increase, to fuel strength and muscle growth. This may cause an over stimulation of the body’s oil-producing glands, and pimples could emerge.

Stressed Induced Acne – How to Combat It

There can be an easier way to combat the stresses in your life and see an improvement in your skin at the same time. Taming your skin can be easy with what Natural Acne Treatment has to offer. Tame the vicious cycle of stress induced or hormone induced acne for healthier and clearer skin.

We have all been there, trying to get fit and healthy, go to the gym, workout, but to only leave pimples on the face, shoulders, chest and back. Then the increase of cortisol, from further over-stimulation and stress, does not help. The botanical based products in AcnEase do ease the stress and suffering and have a therapeutic effect on the body, to reduce inflammation for the skin. To allow the botanical ingredients to work in synergy for all ages.

Stress No More – Confidence in a Bottle

Many around the world are now starting to use herbal botanicals to combat their health issues or complaints. With skin care, from the inside out, AcnEase works on the endocrine system to balance the impact of hormones on the production of sebum, to create a clearer skin, and to prevent future breakouts. From mild to severe acne, there is confidence in every bottle. A few specially chosen botanicals are used in synergy in the products to create health and vigor in a holistic approach. The Dandelion (Herba Taraxaei) is a herb that combats inflammation and may reduce and prevent boils and pimples, and it eliminates toxins in the blood. Another fantastic botanical is the Gardenia Fruit (Fructus Gardeniae). Traditionally known in Chinese medicine, Gardenia Fruit helps to remove toxins, natural diuretic, and is cleansing and anti-inflammatory. The Balsam Pear is used to help with the body’s management of carbohydrates and sugars, and is rich in vitamin A and C, which is important for skin health.

Best Treatments for Stressed Skin/Hormonal Acne

The best treatment for stressed skin and hormonal acne is to be more present in your life, such as meditation and yoga. To refrain from worry and anger. What also is beneficial are the botanical products of AcnEase. Tablets to suit all ages and skin types, with help for mild to chronic acne. Even for the athlete who has seen a change of androgen levels in their body. Even though the body may take time to heal and balance itself, AcnEase is that step closer.

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