Teen Acne Treatment Guide

Teen Acne Treatment Guide

Nearly every teen gets acne at some point. Obviously the degree of acne breakouts will vary from sporadic pimples to a true “invasion” of acne cysts.  So -it is not a surprise that nearly every teen spends loads of time and money trying to get that acne to go away.

Teen acne is a very common skin issue. Although frustrating, teenage acne can and should be treated as they may not go away and transform into chronic adult acne or leave the acne marks and scars making much longer impact on once life that they should.

So what are the options in treating teen acne:

It seems everyone has advice: scrub the skin until it shines, stay away from chocolate and fries,  do not touch the face because dirty hands cause breakouts. But even with an ultra-healthy diet and squeaky-clean skin, acne can still develop.

But you don't have to wait for acne to go away on its own and wonder if they really do…. There is acne treatment option available that will help get breakouts under control.

Over-the-Counter Products for Teen Acne

When breakouts first appear, the first place most people turn is to the skin care aisle at the local drug store. There are plenty of over-the-counter acne products to choose from. Maybe even too many especially since NONE OF THEM treats the cause of teen acne that is hormonal imbalance natural for puberty. Hormones are known to be the major culprit as overstimulating sebaceous glands what is a starting point for acne cascade.

In truth all those over the counter topical products only address one aspect of acne formation that is try to scrub of bacteria that thrive in surplus of sebum. And this is a good beginning: mild non-irritating cleanser used morning and night, and every time sweating (sports), or make-up is involved can be an excellent beginning of the fight with acne. (non irritating and non over-drying cleanser is recommended that over dried skin will actually produce MORE skin oil (sebum) to “protect“ itself. In addition- salicylic acid and peroxide increase skin pho-sensitivity SUN !!!and are also listed on the warning FDA list for possible more severe adverse effects

Still -when proper cleanser is in your bathroom (and being used) it is just a first step of your anti-acne strategy.

Remember, over-the-counter cleansers and lotions may show temporary improvement if you have mild acne  but they are not really a treatment for acne and will not help with more serious breakouts.

Prescription Options  for Treatments for Teen Acne

When acne gets more persistent acne, or deep, inflamed  nodules  or painful  cysts, many look into a prescription acne medication.

Some  medicines  that are prescribed to treat teen acne include:

  • topical or systemic retinoids
  • topical or systemic antibiotics
  • combination medications

As topicam treatment may be combined with some more sophisticated natural options (www.acnease.com), systemic medications for acne including   isotretinoin and oral antibiotics may carry number of serious adverse effects and the first brand isotretinoin -Accutane has been even taken off the market and is a subject of a Class Action Suit resulting from those effects

 So what is really left to treat teen acne SAFELY and Effectively? What about a natural ingrients based but clinically proven AcnEase. 

AcnEase addresses the causes of acne and not only stops breakouts for NOW but PREVENTS new pimples from forming.

Last important Advise: Clear Skin Takes Time

It may take a few months to  get clear skin and sometimes even a combination of treatments, that  re effective. This can be frustrating, but try not to let it be discouraging. Ultimately AcnEase will lead you one step closer to clear skin.

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