3-Point Checklist: Thanksgiving-Free Acne

3-Point Checklist: Thanksgiving-Free Acne

With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, our schedules become hectic with traveling to our nearby families, grocery shopping and decorating. Let’s not get distracted by this holiday’s baked turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries and the delicious pumpkin pie. Not only will the food be present but those flashing cameras with Facebook posts as well! Want to be photo-ready? You are at the right place!

Thanksgiving is not only a time to fill our stomachs but rather to be grateful and appreciate the things that we currently have.  AcnEase would like to thank our loyal clients for believing and choosing our products for their acne-prone skin and to also thank new users for trying and adding these products to their medicine cabinets. To ensure a time well spent during this Thanksgiving, here are 3 steps you should follow to ensure healthy, clear glowing skin throughout the holidays.

1. - Before the feast:

Travel. Whether you are catching a plane, train, subway or any form of transportation, be sure to plan ahead and pack your skincare products in travel size containers since traveling can bring about stress which is not good for acne. Give yourself enough time to adhere to your usual routine and as always, include AcnEase®.

Grocery shopping. Avoid indulging fat-rich products like cream, butter and cheeses since these may affect hormonal balance within our bodies and may impact our sebaceous glands by encouraging them to create excess sebum. This excess sebum clogs pores and allows the bacteria that causes acne to flourish. We recommend a moderate intake of only organic dairy products.  Fall harvest foods such as pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and green beans are great for your skin! For the best clear skin, it is advised to steam, boil or sauté vegetables for the best intake of the advantages such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, factors promoting collagen production, and regulating sebum production.

Can I help? If you’re the host and others want to help try delegating tasks and side dishes! Preparations for the dinner can be quite stressful and when guests  are willing to contribute their efforts welcome them.

Make-up. We all know cameras will be present to capture these long lasting memories and we want our skin to be at the “photo op” best. Using the wrong makeup or following bad skincare habits could actually accentuate the pimples you are trying so hard to hide. Use products that are paraben-free, sulfate free, oil-free or non-comedogenic. Concealers are best for covering last minute pimples, under-eye circles and those often present acne scars. Ensure you use the best type with the perfect shade for your skin.

2. - During the feast:

Be your own bartender! Choose wine or straight alcohol over mixed drinks high in sugar. Red wine is preferred over white unless you have rosacea, in which case avoid red wine. Straight liquor can either be consumed as a shot or over ice. A refreshing blend of alcohol and water with a squeeze of lime or lemon is another suggested way to drink and minimize the impacts of your acne. Citrus contains vitamin C, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which contributes to clear healthy skin. Avoid sugary cocktails which lead to inflammation and exacerbates acne symptoms.

Hands down! As you get your hands dirty from eating, avoiding touching your face as face-touching can lead to breakouts. Bacteria, grease and oils can transfer from fingertips onto the skin. Wash your hands after eating with a mild soap in lukewarm water for about 20 seconds.

Restaurant dinner. For those of you who are eating out, and not preparing at home, avoid choosing foods with cow’s milk, high sugar content, high glycemic foods, junk and fast food. Increased inflammation can results from drinking too much cow’s milk as this may spike blood sugar levels. It also increases insulin levels, which encourage the production of skin oils (sebum). Consuming too much sugar can spike your blood levels leading to a later acne breakout. Glycemic foods such as white rice and white bread can trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammation—both of which encourage acne. We recommend trying these holiday meals  next time.

After the feast:

Catch up on sleep! After the feast, try and take a 30 minute nap to look and feel better. If this is not possible take a 7-8 hours of interrupted sleepp at night. Your skin heals and rejuvenates during these restful hours.

Enzymes. With all the food that you’re going to eat, your stomach will get overwhelmed. It’s going to have a hard time digesting, which will lead to fermentation. Unfortunately, acne feeds off of bacteria that reside too long in your stomach. It may be advisable to get a digestive enzyme pill and take twice as much after your meal especially if you are prone to heart burn.

Detox. Drinking large volumes of green tea is great for treating your skin because of its anti-inflammatory agents. It'll counteract the effects of sugary foods you ate by calming the inflammation they can cause.

Facials. Have any leftovers? Let this not go to waste! Turn your extras into relaxing and hydrating facials with our Thanksgivings special harvest of cranberry, yeast, sweet potato and pumpkin.

While it’s very tempting looking across a table filled with mouth-watering foods, with the justification that it’s “only once a year”, followed by many other holidays, it’s important to be mindful of what you eat as this will appear on your skin afterwards. By following the above 3 steps, this will ensure that you eat and celebrate with a peaceful mind and spirit. AcnEase wants to thank you for your continued commitment to your skin.

As usual, we want to hear from you! What are you thankful for this year? Have you tried our new Rejuvel 3D? Please share it with us in the comments below.

Bonus: Pumpkin Facial masks

Pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover, to brighten and smooth the skin. Pumpkin contains antioxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help soften and soothe the skin and boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.since it contains potasioum and zinc- it controls redness.

If you add honey and apple cider to the mix you get a miracle fall masks that .also locks in moisture to keep your skin plump and glowing.(honey) and   reduces inflammation, and helps fight acne ( apple cider vinegar) .


  • 1 small slice of pumpkin (roughly ½ cup)
  • 1 raw egg
  • ½ teaspoon honey
  • ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar

 What to do?

  1. Puree the pumpkin in a food processor until smooth.
  2. Add in egg, honey, and apple cider vinegar and blend.
  3. Apply to your clean face and keep for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse and apply your usual non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Any left over?

Add the crystal sugar and make yourself a pumpkin body scrub to remove dead skin 

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