The Easiest Male Acne MakeUp Tutorial

The Easiest Male Acne  MakeUp Tutorial

A message from Dr. Agnes:


Hey guys.  It's no secret that male acne is difficult to treat.  But while you're working on treating your acne with AcnEase┬«, there are ways to make it look better, and have people focus on you instead of your zits.


Maybe you've thought about applying makeup before or maybe the thought never crossed your mind.  Either way, know this.  These days, makeup isn't just for women.  An enormous amount of men actually apply makeup to their faces daily, and you wouldn't even know!  


So muster up the courage, and take your buddy or partner with you to the cosmetics counter if you're feeling like you need a little cover-up - you'll be glad you did (especially when those holiday photos begin to surface!).  


Please join me in welcoming our guest, Todra Payne, green makeup artist and President of


by Todra Payne


Whenever I work with male news reporters showing them techniques for looking great on camera, I'm always asked, "Will anyone be able to tell I'm wearing makeup?" Because of social stigma, men often struggle with the notion of applying makeup to look better, even for a job that requires it. Men with acne often wish they could downplay their blemishes and outbreaks, but aren't comfortable asking about cosmetic solutions.


If you're a guy who wants to use a little something to feel more confident, rest assured that using concealer in a shade that matches your skin, applied properly, won't be noticeable at all. And your skin will look better, giving you more confidence for events like social gatherings and job interviews. These 5 tips will help you get what you need and apply it properly.


Step 1:  Head On Out!  The product you're going to need to cover blemishes is what women use for under eye dark circles and skin blemishes. It's called concealer, and it comes in liquid and cream. Some cream versions are still rather slippery. You're going to want to look for a brand that comes in a thick cream so it'll stay put when you apply it - and make sure it's simple, containing natural ingredients, is non comedogenic and is preferably pure mineral makeup.  


Step 2:  Choose a Concealer.  Ask the sales associate at the store to show you samples of three colors that may match your skin. Apply the samples one by one on different spots on your face where you'll need coverage. Step outside the store and look at the options in a mirror (bring one with you shopping) in daylight. This is an important step. What looks great in the department store lighting will not look natural in daylight. Whichever color is not noticeable is the one you want.


Step 3:  Buy a Concealer Brush.  Purchase a concealer brush to apply the concealer. These are usually long-haired, skinny brushes in nylon or natural (animal) hair. I prefer the nylon for better application and as a cruelty-free option.


Step 4:  The Application.  Apply concealer onto clean skin in light, quick strokes until all of your blemishes are covered. Blend the edges so the color blends in with your skin.


Step 5:  Hands Off!   Learn not to touch your face unnecessarily throughout the day. The oil on your hands could contribute to breakouts and smear your concealer.


*Tip: If you have very oily skin, you may need to get a translucent (colorless, non comedogenic) powder to go on top of the concealer. 





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