7 Tips to Keep Clear Skin While Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

7  Tips to Keep Clear Skin While Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this time of concern and anxiety we want to assure you that Herborium and AcnEase Division is following strategies and measures recommended by US Center of Disease Control ( CDC) . In addition, please note that AcnEase and Rejuvel D are manufactured in the USA in FDA complaint facilities, and that ordering on line is the safest  way to shop at this time.

The tips below should help you to maintain clear skin while mitigating the risk of infection with Covid-19

  1. Wash your hands as often as you can and REFRAIN from touching your face

  2. If you must to touch your face – you must wash your hands FIRST.

  3.  If you wear protective gloves to conduct your life outside home- NEVER touch your face withgloves until you just freshly put them on and did not touch anything at all. Remember - when you wear gloves to the store or work, elevator or post office you still need to disinfect your car steering wheel that you touched with your gloves.
    Pull it out while at the same time turning it insight out: please note -your glove insight is clean, why the outside may be contaminated so reversing the sites puts the dirty side safely in the glove until properly disposed. NEVER reuse the gloves.

  4. If you wear the protective mask – use lightest moisturizer possible and use it sparsely. Try do NOT use makeup. Mask will make your breath to heat up all those products ingredients.  Why in a liquid form they have a larger chance to clog your pores and instigate acne cascade. Try to wash your face upon removal of the mask. REMEMBER to wash your hands FIRST!

  5. Disinfect your phone at least twice a day. It touches your face quite often.

  6. Disinfect your remote, mouse blue tooth at least once a day.

  7. DO NOT – share any skincare products, beauty tools or cosmetics. Do NOT try them at the stores or malls.  You never know who touched them before.

Use AcnEase REGULARLY- Do NOT DISRUPT your Regimen and you will DISRUPT your progress.  

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