How do you know when your foundation is harmful to your skin?

How do you know when your foundation is harmful to your skin?

Foundation, considered one of the most important steps in most women’s makeup routine can cause or exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions such as acne. Even people who are not prone to acne usually use some form of foundation. This is because it creates a smooth, flawless (or less flawed) appearance. It creates a smooth, solid unified canvass on which we create our masterpieces or for some just the lighter finishes to highlight their features. Moreover, it is also the most important component for contouring and “reverse contouring”. A lot of you might have heard the saying makeup is not good for your skin, especially foundation as it may clog your pores and possibly even irritation and inflammation. For those of us who are naturally prone to acne or suffer from chronic acne, this is a very frightening thought for two reasons. Firstly, with the amount of inflammation and redness acne causes on our skin, the thought of removing the foundation from makeup lineup is just not an option we are willing or ready to consider. Secondly, the idea that the very makeup we seek solace in to hide all our flaws and blemishes might actually be responsible for the problem itself can be depressing if not scary. Thirdly- it does NOT have to be true!  So how then can we tell if the foundation we are using is harmful to our skin? Below are a few things to look out for:

  • Is your acne exacerbated by your foundation or did you develop acne after you started using foundation
  • How does the foundation feel? When you apply it to your skin, does it feel breathable, light, airy or does it feel like there is a caked layer on top of your skin? If your answer is yes to the later, then you need to immediately consider changing your foundation.
  • What type of ingredients is used in the foundation? Is it safe or are there toxic chemicals (even in minute quantities) included? Some chemicals destroy and wear down our skin’s functionality over time. This can lead to skin sensitivity and acne scarring over time.
  • Does your foundation contain ingredients like paraben, petroleum oils etc.? These ingredients are greasy and clog the pores and cause inflammation and even irritaion. They form a barrier which traps bacteria in, creating a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria. And may exasperate cane breakouts
  • So choose wisely, read the labels and  remember, no matter how airy or good your makeup feels if you do not wash it off at the end of the day you increase your chances of developing acne. This is because makeup and dirt will gradually build up on your pillow, creating a bacteria-filled environment. And we all know that acne is caused by bacteria being trapped inside the skin. Furthermore, at the end of the day, you want to wash off and give your skin the chance to be in its natural state.

What foundation options are out there for acne-prone skin types

If you suffer from chronic acne or have sensitive skin then Eve pearl foundation is your best option when it comes to makeup. Eve Pearl is a makeup brand that creates products for people who are acne prone or have sensitive skin. They offer both the dual foundation set for contouring and the face therapy foundation for smooth canvassing. So what makes Eve Pearl so much better than the other options out there? Eve pearl foundations are fragrance-free, paraben free, petrolatum free and non-comedogenic. That is, they possess a light, creamy non-greasy texture that dries quickly after application. They not only help hide pimps, spots, and scars, they also aid in the healing process of damaged skin. Moreover, they contain collagen which is essential for the elasticity of your skin. When you apply one of these foundations to your skin, you can immediately tell the difference between them and foundations produced by other brands. After it dries, unlike other foundations you will feel almost nothing which is comparable to the texture of a gentle light moisturizer. What better choice is there than a foundation which not hides your blemishes, but simultaneously works to repair and restore your skin to peak health.

Yes, both acne prone and non-prone acne people should consider using the above foundation products but for those suffering from acute or chronic acne they should seriously consider attacking the problem at its source. AcnEase is a brand that created natural  botanical therapeutic that works to regulate your internal balance and moderate impact of hormones ( major culprit behind acne formation) on your sebaceous gland.  This is therefore   the ONLY products that does not simply get rid of symptoms of acne ( pimples, cysts, blackheads and whit heads) but also PREVENT new acne from forming. This effectively eliminates the acne problem before it even has a chance to develop.  

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