For Men Only: 8 tips how to shave with acne

For Men Only: 8 tips how to shave with acne

If you have acne, especially moderate to severe acne shaving may aggravate this condition creating both physical discomfort and emotional stress.

In addition for some shaving may also cause so called shaving acne or so called “ razor bumps” Those latest one often result from the use of modern multi-blade razors. When you shave with razor that has many blades the first blades actually lift the hair out of the skin, and the following blades then cut the hair from below the skin line. That’s how you can get that really smoothly shaven feel and more irritation.

So what a men to do if living with a full beard is not an option?

Below you find 8 tips that those with acne and acne prone skin may use to diminish acne breakout.

1. Keep it warm

Before shaving splash your face with warm water. This will open up pores and soften the skin.

2. Choose your shaving cream/gel wisely

Select a shaving cream or gel that actually is designed for acne prone skin and. that provides a thin layer of protection to your skin. Filmier products that make the razor “glide” over your face and neck, help reduce irritation. Use the shaving cream or gel liberally when applying...

3. Beware of modern technology (yap!)

If possible Use disposable, single-bladed razors. Double-bladed razors actually damage the dermis. When skin grows back, it may clog the follicle and lead to chronic acne. Replace the razor with every shave. Shave downward, in the direction of growth of the hair follicles, to prevent irritation.

4. Use acne-friendly aftershave lotions

After shaving, skip the splash of cologne or alcohol-based aftershave, which can irritate your skin -- not to mention leave you in agony if you have any open cuts or recently popped pimples. Use an oil-free moisturizer or lotion/ or gel instead.

5. Make a map: shave around pimples

If at all possible, avoid passing the razor over pimples. This can break whiteheads causing the bacteria to spread and easily invade freshly shaved skin. Even if the pimple doesn't have a head, any kind is almost always red and inflamed and the razor can irritate the area, causing bleeding and scarring.

6. Keep it clean: a clean razor equals clearer skin

Unwanted bacteria are not a friend to acne. A razor can hold dead skin cells and bacteria that a quick rinse under the water doesn’t remove... These culprits also dull the blade increasing the probability of irritation and infection. So not only will you save your skin form pimples but also save money being able to use a blade longer.

While shaving you need to rinse the manual blade regularly. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse the blade on all sides, shake off water, clean with an alcohol wipe and store outside the shower because water and moisture also lessen a razor’s life. Change the blades and the shaver often and, if possible consider the electric shaver. In this case – follow the manufacturer instruction and try to repeat the cleaning ritual as often as possible.

If you like an electric razor do NOT forget to follow the directions from the manufacturer for cleaning the razor.

7. Shave the right way

For the least amount of tugging on hair, which comes from the hair follicle and where pimples form, shave with the grain of hair. Of course shaving against the grain or direction of hair growth provides a closer shave, but pulls more on skin and can annoy an already compromised condition creating more irritation.

8. Shave less often

Shaving exfoliates skin and takes away moisture, so it may be throwing off your skincare. Anyone fighting the war with acne knows that there’s a balance of exfoliating and moisturizing that acne prone skin needs to maintain. The dead cells have to be taken away, but too much or too vigorous exfoliation can cause irritation and actually encourage more oil production. When your skin becomes too dry or too oily this imbalance also can throw your skin into a breakout or make it itchy and flaky.

Is there any way to cut back? Maybe sporting a lot of facial hair isn’t your thing or you have to shave for your job. Could it be possible to wear so fashionable now stubble beard or skip a day? If nothing works, at least try giving your face a rest on the weekends.