How To Make Teen Acne Disappear

Acne breakouts are often triggered by hormonal activity and especially by fluctuating androgens (male hormones that are produced and needed by both females and males.

Androgens help us to deal with stress and physical efforts and are one of the important factor in developing sexual drive but…if produced in too much quantity and getting to our blood stream in a free form  in too high percentage  they may cause number of problems including overstimulation sebaceous glands… first step to acne. During adolescence our body “ learns” how to produce the right amount of hormones so teens often experience hormonal imbalance that may trigger acne. In addition there is also a difference between how likely  boys and girls will produce too much androgens ( testosterone).  and experience acne.  Teenage boys tend to have more severe acne than teenage girls.  That’s because their bodies generate a lot of testosterone during puberty, which is one of the main hormones responsible for acne.

4 steps to control Teen Acne

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