Acne Maintenance Treatment

for Acne & Symptoms of Rosacea

Vendor: Herborium

for Acne & Symptoms of Rosacea

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NET WT. 1 g.
72 Tablets per bottle
Minimum Treatment Duration:
Unlimited! Completely safe to use for facial and body acne and to control symptoms of rosacea.
Unlimited! Completely safe to use for facial and body acne and to control symptoms of rosacea.
WeightMaintenance Treatment
Below 175 lbs
(80 kg)
4 tablets/day
2 tablets 2 x day
Above 175 Lbs
(80 kg)
6 tablets/day
3 tablets 2 x day
History of Severe
and Chronic Acne
6 tablets/day
3 tablets 2 x day


One bottle (per month) represents a maintenance dose, and is not recommended for a first-timer users. One-bottle Maintenance Regimen should be used after you've been through the recommended treatment phase and have seen desired results.

Extend Your Treatment Success

After the recommended treatment is successfully completed and your skin condition shows desired results, you may opt to continue taking AcnEase to ensure that you maintain the improvement.  This regimen is known as a Maintenance Phase. You can use Maintenance Regimen as long as you want
It is completely safe to do - it's all botanical!

Do not use maintenance regimen as treatment, it should only be use to support already achieved results

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  • After having severe chronic acne for 5+ years, I decided to go on the maintenance treatment after I started to taper off the AcnEase. I was on the severe body treatment for just about 6 months and I finally saw the results I was looking for. It took ALOT of determination and help from the AcnEase team (who are GREAT by the way), but I got there. I've used alot of Dr. Agnes tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, which I think have definitely helped my skin. Thanks AcnEase!
  • Great product, just wish it worked quicker - understand that it can't when you have severe acne. But can say that over the past few months, my acne has significantly improved - isn't all gone yet, so will continue to use.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I did not start getting bad acne until my early 20s. Now 25, it reached an all-time high and I was searching for anything that would help. By the grace of God - just before I was about to purchase a R + F regimen - I stumbled upon AcnEase. I loved that it's herbal based and works from the inside out. I started noticing results in about a week and it only got better from there. I just finished my first month's treatment and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. I actually leave my house without those horrid cystic bumps all over my chin and around my jawline plaguing my image now! THANK YOU ACNEASE!!!