Oily Skin Treatment (on-set to acne)

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What is Oily Skin:

Oily skin is a result of an overproduction of sebum by your sebaceous glands. It manifests itself by shiny  skin, enlarge pores, blackheads and whitehead. Often accompany by oily hair.

Oily skin is a FIRST STAGE of ACNE and for most people  initiates an acne cascade that will result in  formation  of pimples, cyst  and other types of breakouts. 

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NET WT. 1 g.
72 Tablets per bottle
Minimum Treatment Duration:
Facial, 1-2 months. Body, 6 weeks.-12 weeks
Facial, 1-2 months. Body, 6 weeks.-12 weeks
Below 175 lbs
(80 kg)
8 tablets/day
4 tablets 2 x day
Above 175 Lbs
(80 kg)
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day

Key Benefits:

  • Clinically Tested for Safety and Efficacy
  • Up to 96% effective
  • 100% All Botanical Trade Secret Protected Blend
  • 100% All Botanical Trade Secret Protected Formula
  • Highest Quality Grade Herbs
  • Results can be seen in 7-10 Days
  • No Sun Restrictions
  • For all ages, skin tones, types & complexions
  • Doesn’t dry or irritate skin
  • No Side Effects or Chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.: How do I recognize that I have Oily Skin?

A. You have Oily Skin  when you have a significant amount of shine either on your T -zone or over th face and/or your hair are oil  . Please note that oily scalp may leading to weaker hair and loss of hair as sebum suffocates the follicles. Whiteheads and Blackheads are also symptomatic for oily skin.  

Q.: Will oilsy skin dispaer on its onw?

A. No. Unfortunately oily skin will not change in balanced, normal skin without intervention  that will make sure that overproduction of sebum is contained. Acnease does exactly that

Q.   I am using cleansers and tonner with salicylic acid? Will they help me to decrease oily skin

A. Unfortunately many people have a wrong  understanding of a situation. Our skin is “smart” and if you try to over dry it- with salicylic acid, peroxide or alcohol  it will react in producing more sebum that less trying to compensate and respond to the “ treat” o of over drying/ It is much better  to use mild cleanser. Also AcnEase will not dry your skin but will manage  sebaceous glands to prevent overproduction of oil ( sebum)

Q: I have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads? I AcnEase going to help?

A.Yes, definitely AcnEase will prevent formation of new whiteheads and blackheads what means it will stop acne.

Q: I stopped taking oral contraceptive (the pill) and suddenly I got a very oily skin and evn some breakouts aI never had.. I also would like to get pregnant soon. Will AcnEase help? Will it be safe to use before and during pregnancy?

A. Yes and yes. AcnEase will definitely help your oily skin and prevent major ace breakouts you can expect if you do not treat your oily skin.  Since AcnEase  dose NOT directly affect your hormones and all herbss have been tested for safety so it is totally safe to be used before and during pregnancy

Q: If I have oily skin –does it mean that can I get acne

A. Oily skin is indeed the first stage of acne and need to be treated. Mild or Moderate Acne Regimen is the appropriate Regimen to treat oily skin

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