Rejuvel 3D Future Essentials

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$99 with 5 bottles or more of AcnEase or any other Rejuvel product excluding Wash/Tonic

3D Future immediately delivers firm, healthier, younger-looking skin with your first concentrated dose.

  • Key growth factors
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamins
  • Other nutrients

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  • This is a real serum. My skin is glowing. I started to use it after giving birth to my second son. I am 36 now. I came out of the pregnancy with blotches, dry skin and even some wrinkles I am using the Future Essentials every morning and Retinol night cream every night followed by3D RejuveI Infinity. It is simple, it is quick, it is pleasant and it WORKS. This is a great combo and those stem cells clearly work. I know as I have to go on ZOOM 3 times a week and I feel like I am under a microscope! Recently I got lost of compiments about my skin and my looks. I guess Future Essentials is the one I owe it to.
  • I was looking for a product that I can use for under my moisturizer. I have sensitive skin. This serum keeps my skin glowing without any allergic reaction. I love it
  • I have very oily skin. I am Jamaican and every serum I used before made my skin even more oily. Future Essentials is great as it is very moisturizing but not greasy. It glides on my skin. I actually sue it in a morning and in ten evening under the moisturizer. I am very happy with it.