Rejuvel 3D Retinol Science

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$105 with 5 bottles or more of AcnEase or any other Rejuvel product excluding Wash/Tonic

Don’t let your skin give away your age. Rejuvel 3D Retinol Science works while you rest for luminous, radiant, younger-looking skin fighting lines, wrinkles, and discolorations ( age spots), acne scars, and marks. 

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  • I know that retinol is good to prevent wrinkles and even to clear acne scars but every cream I used that has retinil in it made my skin red, dry and very sensitive. But not this one. Rejuvel retinol cream is strong to make a difference but mild on my skin. I already see my acne scars fading ( I had cysts and acne for 5 years before I started to use AcnEase) but my skin had never felt sensitive or dry or red. Whatever they do with this retinol cream- they got it right. Thanks . I love my retinol cream now.PS. Use it only at night but every night. it
  • I am Italian and my skin is darker. I tried to use retinol creams before. I even got a prescription one and all of them made temporary discolorations on my skin. I got SPOTS. They faded in time but it was a scary experience. This retinol cream is great. No spots, not dryness. Good results already after 4 weeks. Skin is tighter and small wrinkle above my upper lips are less visible. Also do use only two pumps-very convenient. I use it every night after cleansing and follow up with Infinity. This is my new nightly routine and I am happy with it.
  • Ye – I am a guy and I am using retinol night cream. Why- I have acne scars and I also use Brightening serum. This combination- Brightening in a morning and Retinol in the evening works great. Finally my acne scars and marks seem to fade. It is only been 7 weeks and eve the deep one on my chin seems very shallow now. Of course I also use Infinity over them ( yes I wait 3-4 minutes as you told me Dr Agnes). I recently also started to use Infinity as my after shave cream. No smell, no mess ( pump) , small amount goes a long way. I’ve got myself a great new after-shave cream. Goes smooth and soothing.