Rejuvel 3D Skin Brightening Solution

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$89 with 5 bottles or more of AcnEase or any other Rejuvel product excluding Wash/Tonic

Dr Agnes recommends!

To get rid of acne marks and skin discoloeation while rebuilding new and healthy skin cells use Rejuvel 3D Skin Brightening Solution. It combines 'stem cell science with a potent Pine Bark molecule, Vitamin C, Arbutin, and Multi-Fruit Acids to target existing dark spots

  • Targets The Look of Dark Skin patches and discoloration
  • Evens Out Skin Tones
  • Fights Causes Of Discoloration
  • Leaves Skin Even and Brighter

3D Brightening dramatically creates brighter-looking skin. Apply only to clean and dry skin. When fully absorbed, follow up with 3D Retinol Science .

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  • OMG- Finally my dark dots and acne dark marks are GONE!!! Done, by- by. I hated them and have to sa did not really believe this Rejuvel miracle stuff will work. But it did. It took me about 6 months but they are not visible anymore. Have to say- saw a difference after first 3 weeks but now they really gone. Usec twice a day religiously. I also use Rejuvel Infinity after. Great to keep your skin plump and fresh. But this brightening serum…. Is a awesome stuff
  • I am using brightening serum for 4 weeks now and I see my sunspots fading!!! Really- fading. I tried many products that promised clear skin and and they itched, or burned, or yellowed my skin (My skin is very fair and dry) . This one smells fresh, goes on easy and works!. I always put Rejuvel Infinity like 3 minutes after. This is Dr Agnes trick to keep my dry Irish skin moisturized. Thanks Dr Agnes
  • I am a cosmetician. I put 3 of my clients with many discolorations ( even liver spots) on this product and have to say I am impressed. All three saw visible improvement in about 5-7 weeks. Two of them still use the product now even their skin is significantly better. They just want to keep it this way. They are now to using the product 3 times a week and alternating it with Future Essentials. One stopped when the two major areas ( a cheek and an a jaw0 regained almost clear look. She took it for 3 months. I will recommend it to all my clients with the skin discolorations or acne marks. Great products. Actually, a great line of products.
  • I am Indian and I had many spots. This cream works to make them less visible. I am on the way to make my skin fully bright. This product is also herbal. I am vegetarian and it is important for me I do not put any animal parts on my skin. Great product for all. Tried many brightening lotions and this one is by far the best