Rejuvel 3D Skin Brightening Solution

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$89 with 5 bottles or more of AcnEase or any other Rejuvel product excluding Wash/Tonic

Rejuvel 3D Skin Brightening Solution's stem cell science teams up with a potent Pine Bark molecule, Vitamin C, Arbutin, and Multi-Fruit Acids to target existing dark spots

  • Targets The Look of Dark Skin patches and discoloration
  • Evens Out Skin Tones
  • Fights Causes Of Discoloration
  • Leaves Skin Looking Brighter

3D Brightening dramatically creates brighter-looking skin. Apply only to clean and dry skin. When fully absorbed, follow up with 3D Ageless Infinity or 3D Retinol.

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  • OMG- Finally my dark dots and acne dark marks are GONE!!! Done, by- by. I hated them and have to sa did not really believe this Rejuvel miracle stuff will work. But it did. It took me about 6 months but they are not visible anymore. Have to say- saw a difference after first 3 weeks but now they really gone. Usec twice a day religiously. I also use Rejuvel Infinity after. Great to keep your skin plump and fresh. But this brightening serum…. Is a awesome stuff
  • I am using brightening serum for 4 weeks now and I see my sunspots fading!!! Really- fading. I tried many products that promised clear skin and and they itched, or burned, or yellowed my skin (My skin is very fair and dry) . This one smells fresh, goes on easy and works!. I always put Rejuvel Infinity like 3 minutes after. This is Dr Agnes trick to keep my dry Irish skin moisturized. Thanks Dr Agnes
  • I am a cosmetician. I put 3 of my clients with many discolorations ( even liver spots) on this product and have to say I am impressed. All three saw visible improvement in about 5-7 weeks. Two of them still use the product now even their skin is significantly better. They just want to keep it this way. They are now to using the product 3 times a week and alternating it with Future Essentials. One stopped when the two major areas ( a cheek and an a jaw0 regained almost clear look. She took it for 3 months. I will recommend it to all my clients with the skin discolorations or acne marks. Great products. Actually, a great line of products.
  • I am Indian and I had many spots. This cream works to make them less visible. I am on the way to make my skin fully bright. This product is also herbal. I am vegetarian and it is important for me I do not put any animal parts on my skin. Great product for all. Tried many brightening lotions and this one is by far the best