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Rejuvel 3D Biomimetic Suspension

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We Found it! Dr. Agnes VIP pick helps to get rid of acne scars and marks!

AcnEase stops new breakouts and prevents formation of NEW acne scars and marks... but what about those that has already been formed?? For those Dr. Agnes recommends Rejuvel 3D!

Healing power of plant cells and antigravity technology speeds up collagen production and skin turnover helping to reduce acne scars, to eliminate acne marks and spots while moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. «Plump» 3D cells also improve the look of the skin short term making the skin look smoother and the imperfections less visible. reat for all types and colors of the skin, special antiaging bonus for skin of all ages!

Rejuvel science is based on 2 major premises:

(1) Use of Green Tea,
(2) Use of Non-Gravity environment to grow green tea stem cells.

Key Benefits:

  • Stimulates collagen production and speeds up regeneration of skin cells so it with regular use decreases acne scars and marks
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin without clogging the pores (non-comedogenic).
  • Plants cells grown in anti-gravity environment are plump and tridimensional so they improve the appearance of the skin and the look of the acne scars naturally and based on tope science.
  • Use a small amount (one pump) on affected areas
  • Testing showed that with 6 weeks of a consistent use
    • 100% of users had smoother and softer skin
    • 84.4 reported less noticeable scars
    • 76% reported less discoloration
    • 74% saw improvement in acne marks
    • 0% reported any sensitivity or irritation
    • No dies, fragrance, paraben, or any harsh ingredients, appropriate for all ages  for women and men.
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  • I have chronic hormonal acne. Before I found AcnEase I have used all sorts of products from antibiotics to retinoids, lotions, creams … nothing helped… and after cysts and large pimples came acne marks and even acne scars. I tried some creams but they actually made my acne worse! So I stopped. I started to use AcnEase 6 months ago and it was a miracle. My acne was gone within 3 months, my skin became healthier and better looking but some marks and scars from my dark past were still there. And Doctor Agnes recommended to add Rejuvel 3D to my regimen. In 6 weeks my skin got smother and marks and scars became less visible. In addition, some of small lines vanished too! I am 36! .
    This is a killer combination…thank you Dr. Agnes
  • The BEST moisturizer and skin perfector ever! I have occasional acne and sensitive skin- most moisturisers are either to greasy or itch me or feel funny
    This is haven on the face ( and neck!). Skin is plump but not shiny , even m acne marks look better after it. Will never use anything else.
  • I was looking for a good moisturizer for mature skin that will not cause breakouts and help to prevent ageing skin. Yes- I am one of those with forever acne…
    Rejuvel Infinity delivers. My skin looks young, healthy but breakouts are gone. Forgot to say I use AcnEase for last two years and this is the hidden treasure as I fight with acne for over 20 years now! This is a grea combo. Get it if you want great skin
  • I do not have acne but I suffer from Rosacea and … I am a guy. I cannpt use any of after shave and my Rosacea flares us right away.
    I use AcnEase for many years and it help to control all my Rosacea symptoms, even my gritty eyes and red nose bumps. But my skin was getting realt dry after shaving so I got Infinity Rejuvel and it works great. Small amount goes a long way. I also noticed it help with razor bumps too. My story with Herborium is a long one but it looks that every product they sell is really good, hinest and helps. Thank you Dr Agnes
  • Since I use AcnEse for 3 years now and and all my cysts and zits are gone I decided to try Rejuvel. Now I use entire regimen- I had acne marks and Brightening Serum in a morning and Retinol Serum in the evening made them almost invisible. The Infinity is the super moisturizer that also keeps my face form getting too shiny and I swear keeps it young too. I cannot be more happy with those products, Mayb e--- more specials more often…
  • I have a typical skin for Caribbean girl, Part is oily and part is dry. I take care of myself good. And those productds are owsome. I use Future Serum in amorning and follow with Infinity ( always!) and my skin is soft and glowing but not greasy and not tight. In the evening I use Retinol Serum 3 tiems a week and always , always fuse Infinity again. Get many compliments on my skin. I will order an eye cream next time.
  • I am a mom of 17 years old . She started having breakouts at 14 and I am forever grateful to Dr Agnes for working with s and getting her back on track to clear skin with AcnEase. But then the girl grew up and demanded facial cream. I do not let her spoil two years of hard work. So I ordered Infinity for her and this was the best move. She is happy, no fragrance, great skin even after beach or swimming it works! And no new breakouts either. I am happy this product has no harsh chemicals and dose not sets her back in acne department. Great product and great company. Thank you Dr Agnes
  • I have looked for a good , natural antiaging moisturizer that will not cause any skin problems. Rejuvel Infinity is the one!. Uing it 6 months. Will keep usingit !. Skin is supple, and moist, and glows, No fine lienfor me either and I have really dry skin!
  • I am 25 years old female and I always had problem skin, acne, cysts, dry patches, oily nose. Infinity is great. Works with acnease and alone. Gets on great. Makes skin feel great and look great. No other moisturizer for me. I also read it contains stem cells. This is innovative, Everyone talks about stem cells now. I am glad I found Infinity.