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"I love this treatment”- Cassandra 

"I tried everything ... thanks to AcnEase I finally won the battle against acne" - Danny

"My acne has totally disappeared" - Marie

"What seemed impossible, eliminate all these pimples and minimize my pores, has finally achieved through this product, in just one week.” - Amanda

"I discovered the ultimate solution through AcnEase" - Dayvee Sutton

“The changes I have seen so far are remarkable.”  AcnEase has been a “bit life-changing.” - Jamie 

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Persistent Acne and Rosacea - Male - A.G.

Just a quick note to tell you how much I love AcnEase. I am three and a half weeks into my first month's course and the results are amazing.

I have a combination of mild acne and Rosacea which has been stubborn and resistant to various treatments for several years. AcnEase is amazing! The Rosacea is quickly fading, not to mention the acne. I have just received a second months supply and again cannot begin to tell you how excited I am with the results. Thanks for a fantastic product.


Chronic Acne, Accutane User - Adrian

In order to lend encouragement to the endless sufferers of long-term acne I wish to also come forward. Like many others my acne began as a teenager. During the course of the past ten years I have taken numerous courses of Oxytetracycline and Minocycline, whilst using prescribed,high strength, Benzoyl Peroxide creams.

After four years of my symptoms getting markedly worse I asked that I be treated by a specialist dermatologist as opposed to a General Practitioner. The dermatologist took one look and moved me onto Roaccutane. If you are reading this then you probably already know about the range of side effects, they are all very real. I was prepared to take risks for my skin and there was a definite improvement.Unfortunately just six months after a lengthy course of the Accutane product I was slowly getting back to the terrible skin I had grown up with.

Within one week of four tablets in the morning, four tablets in the evening, Acnease improved things massively. By the end of the four weeks I had no acne at all.

Of course I had red scaring from the many years of Acne. The best thing about that time is you can start actually letting your skin heal! - all that drying from creams and washes, chemicals, antibiotics, helping to make you unhealthy on the inside as well as out! that is all finally done with! At this point why not drink plenty of water and look to improve your diet a little more, giving your body the break it finally deserves after it gave you the skin you wanted for so long.

I never quit at anything - and when the answers are there and you find them you will feel so alive. If one person ends the suffering I went through my words will have achieved what I wanted.


Chronic Cystic Acne - Anonymous

I've been using Acnease for 10 weeks with great results. I'm a 23 year old female, and have suffered with acne for about 11 years without a day of peace. I've seen numerous dermatologists, skin specialists, and facialists without much success. I've been on every topical cream known(all of which left my sensitive skin dry and itchy), and have been on numerous courses of antibiotics (which left me with systemic candida).

This past year, I went off contraceptives, which flared my acne terribly, and caused severe cystic acne on my chin and jaw line.Desperate for an answer and not wanting to poison my body with more drugs, I turned to many herbal products. I even got a custom made formula for acne from a local herb shop. I found, however, that this exacerbated my existing acne to the point where I had about 10 cysts at once! The next day, I decided to start taking the Acnease I had purchased a few days earlier while surfing on the web.

Within 2-3 weeks the cysts had cleared. Since then, my skin has progressed extremely well, with less and less breakouts. The breakouts are less inflammatory and clear quicker than they did before. I started taking 12 tabs a day due to the fact that I suffer from back and chest acne as well, and took that amount for about 7 weeks. Then I moved it down to 8, and now 6. If I continue to do well, I'm going to go to a maintenance dose of 4. Acnease has also dramatically helped my dry,itchy scalp, and has helped my GI as well. I used to suffer from pain and acid reflux, but those issues have resolved.

Acnease has truly been a tremendous product. I'm a very skeptical person, and definitely had doubts purchasing a product off the internet, especially with the number of times I've been burned (literally!) with acne products. But this has worked wonders, and I haven't experienced any side effects at all. Thanks to Herborium for making a great product.


Hormonal (Stress) Acne - Kori

I am 23 years old and have struggled with stress and hormone related acne since I was 15 years old. I have tried some treatments prescribed by my dermatologist, I have tried over the counter treatments,ProActive, and pricey regimens from high-end cosmetic lines. I was recently planning my wedding and with all the stress and lack of sleep from being so busy, my skin broke out horribly just 4 weeks before my wedding.

I had read up on Acnease before but never ordered it- thinking that it wouldn't work- just like everything else didn't work. But with my wedding coming up I decided to try it; I would have done anything to ensure clear skin on my wedding day. I took 12 pills a day until the existing acne cleared up then continued at 8 pills a day. As the wedding approached and stress was running high, I kept waiting for my skin to break out, but it never did.

My wedding day fell on Valentine's weekend which was a hormonal time of the month also, but still- no zits! I cannot tell you when the last time was that I DIDN'T break out during that time of the month...because I don't think it's ever not happened except for this time when I was on Acnease. I knew I had done something right by ordering Acnease when on the night before my wedding, a friend of mine said "I can't believe how clear your skin is! If I were you I would be breaking out from stress right now!"

I was also acne-free for my tropical honeymoon, it was great not having to wear makeup on the beach! This is one thing I know that works for me. The month's supply I had ordered is gone now and I am definitely ordering again. It worked, and it saved my wedding day. It was worth every penny.


Chronic Facial Acne - KH

I've never bothered to write any sort of testimonial before, but I know the misery of acne and want to encourage anyone who suffers from it to try Acnease. OK, it's expensive, but it is absolutely worth it. I have suffered from facial acne to a greater or lesser extent for 20years.

I have taken antibiotics, used every topical application going and have lived in fear of a breakout before every special occasion.

I came across Acnease in November 04 on the web and decided to give it a go. After all, the antibiotics were becoming less effective and I was tired of taking them and was reluctant to try Accutane, which was the next step for me. I didn't expect Acnease to work, but thought I should at least cross it off my list.

I have taken Acnease for 3 months now - 12 tablets a day. My skin is clear and feels entirely different - stable. I have now reduced the dosage to 8 tablets a day and will continue to reduce it slowly to a maintenance dose. I weigh less than 140 pounds, but found that the 12 tablet a day dose was right for me. It did take 2 months of perseverance before I saw the benefits, so don't give up too soon and never, ever miss a dose.

My dad suffers from Rosacea and he is now trying out Acnease. Perhaps he'll be writing to you soon too.

KH, Cheshire, March 2005

Adult Acne - Anonymous

I'm a 48 year old woman, an actress and model, so having clear skin is very important to me. Started getting hard cystic acne specifically on my chin a few months ago. Tried the AcnEase product, took it 3x a day at first, then 2x a day (four tabs each) and noticed an improvement within days..within 3 weeks my skin was totally cleared up.

Experienced no side effects whatsoever. I'm very impressed and grateful. Now I just wish you'd develop a product for allergy/sinus sufferers! Thank you, I will order more!


Chronic Adult Acne - Lynda

I am a 44-year-old female who has suffered with significant acne breakouts all of my adult life. I came upon AcnEase while surfing the Internet and after scrutinizing Herborium?’s website, I was curious about the claims made in customer testimonials, yet remained skeptical that this supplement would work for me. It makes me shudder to imagine how much money I have spent on purported acne treatments over the years, so I wasn’t willing to pay the price for AcnEase. However, about a month after locating the website, with my face looking worse than ever, I decided to give AcnEase a try because just maybe this was the treatment that would do the trick!

I have been taking 4 tablets, twice a day, on an empty stomach, since December 8, 2004, and the difference in my skin is amazing!!! My breakouts have virtually ceased, the pores on my nose and cheeks have tightened, the ruddiness of my skin has almost disappeared, and even scars are fading! My face would become incredibly oily during the day,and although there continues to be some oiliness it?’s noticeably reduced. All of this occurring without any noticeable side effects.

Every day I am amazed by the transformation that AcnEase has produced in my skin in such a relatively short period of time. Before AcnEase I used to look at my skin and focus on the blackheads and painful,slow-healing cysts that erupted regularly. Now I actually see my face!

If, like me, you have some skepticism about this product, wondering if it will work for you, I cannot urge you enough to give it a try.Perhaps my positive reaction to AcnEase is unique, but based on the other testimonials here I feel sure it isn’t. Believe me, I?’ve tried just about everything else, from dermatologist prescribed medicines,just about every over-the-counter treatment, to other herbal remedies,and although some may have brought about temporary changes, those changes were always short lived, and some with significant side effects. I wish I had known about AcnEase years ago, it would have saved me many years of embarrassment and anxiety about my appearance, not to mention a lot of money!

This is the first testimonial I have ever written for any product,but I feel so strongly about AcnEase I just had to share my experience in hopes that others will use this product and not go through possibly years of unnecessary anguish.

Thank you for a wonderful product and for increasing my confidence level exponentially!!! THANK YOU!

Lynda, TN

Adult Acne & Maintenance Dose - Mrs. Walcott

I have been using Acne ease now for about 9 months and my skin has gone from strength to strength. At first I was skeptical as a nutritionist myself i have always been bombarded by products that could help my clients and thought the statements by Acne ease were advertising sensationalism. How wrong. As an black woman I also felt it would not be suitable for MY skin problem.

I was wrong again. I started on 4 tabs twice a day on an empty stomach and within 3 months my family began to comment. I had decided not to tell my husband or family that i was taking them and see if they would notice and they did. I did also watch my diet and practiced de-stressing techniques with the breathe. I cut back on my dose to 4 a day when things really cleared up. The scars lessened and open pores tightened up. My premenstrual flare ups reduced by 75% or more sometimes. Eventually i stopped completely and whenever I see some kind of warning signs on my skin such as the odd spot i begin to take 4 tabs a day for about a week then reduce to 4 once a day for about 5 days then stop again. In this manner i work with my skin and the acne ease.

There was a time when i was on full dosage and noticed an area that was stubborn and so examined my diet for allergies and found it was bananas i never thought the acne ease wasn't working.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from acne at any stage. I am over forty and started suffering since I was a teenager. Antibiotic abuse, over the counter remedies, i have tried them all but this product has given me NO SIDE EFFECTS. I will be recommending this product to my patients knowing that they WILL benefit greatly.
Thanks Herborium for improving my self esteem as well as my life.

Mrs. Walcott

Persistent Adult Acne - Debbie

I have tried just about every acne medication on the market. I am 29 years old and I have suffered with acne since the age of 20.That adds up to too many years of unsuccessful efforts to get rid of my acne. I finally realized that for all those years I was basically treating these symptoms and not dealing with my hormonal imbalance.

It has been a month now since I started using AcneEase. Now, when I look in the mirror, I almost want to cry. I can now go outside in the daylight and not feel like everyone is looking at my acne. There are no words that I can use to tell you how much I thank you for creating this wonderful product. I Thank you so much.


Adult Acne - Cornelia

Thank you so much for getting back to me, and where were you when my daughter (now 22) was in her teens - she suffered so badly it was painful to even watch her!! My face cleared up but I seem to still have oily patches and get a few more kinks out and cleared up so I will go ahead and order another dose. I do love your stuff - I got very frustrated with my adult acne!! Thank you again.


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