Hormonal Acne: Some Of The Signs & Symptoms! + What Can Cause It In Women

A model and a blogger Cassandra Bankson teams up with Dr. Agnes Olszewski (CEO of Herborium, makers of AcnEase) to discuss causes, signs and symptoms of hormonal acne and how to treat it safely and naturally.

The primary culprit in the hormonal can is a hormonal imbalance, most often too much of androgens (male hormones in a blood). The signals that your acne may be hormonal include adult onset acne, large breakouts that occur during your menstrual cycle, history of irregular menstrual cycle, increased skin oil, excessive growth of hair in many places on your body and finally measurably elevated levels of androgens in the blood stream.

As serious as hormonal acne is Cassandra shares with you good news: taking AcnEase help her to mitigate the effects of the hormonal imbalance on her skin – and she loved the results. Just do not make mistake she made… when you on it…stay on it - it certainly helps her acne.

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