5 Ways for On-the-Go Teens to Be Acne-Free

5 Ways for On-the-Go Teens to Be Acne-Free

We get it - the life of a teenager is demanding and fast paced. There’s stress that comes with performing well in school and extracurricular activities, social pressures (including being involved in social media) and personal and/or family challenges. Couple this with the fact that teens are always on the go, and proper skincare is a bit tough to fit in. Instant gratification usually replaces taking preventative measures, and often times, many teens think acne will eventually go away by itself. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In some cases, if acne isn’t treated properly in the teen years, there is a high chance that it can either last through or come back in adulthood. Learning about the proper skincare tools now can help prevent this from happening.

(Note to teens or Mom’s of teens on AcnEase®: Many teens and Mom’s of teens ask us whether they (or their child) are on the right treatment. We created a specific link that will help guide you to choose the best treatment. So feel free to use this to make sure the right treatment has been chosen: /acne-treatment-system/).

It takes some time to implement and maintain an acne-free lifestyle (if you’re not subscribed to our newsletters to learn how to do this, please do so now directly on our homepage at www.acnease.com!). So here are some simple ways for a teen to start some effective and simple skincare practices now.

Add Healthy (yet yummy!) Options to Your Diet.

Diet, of course, plays an important role in the way our skin looks. There are food choices that teens with acne can make which will definitely help to keep their bodies and skin healthy. Adding the right foods when possible can make a big impact for anyone battling hormones and acne. Fitting in hydrating, vitamin-rich snacks such as apples, protein-rich nuts, and even a small bit of dark chocolate can go a long way in supplementing those at-school lunch options you may rely on every day. There are also good food based multi-vitamins for kids on the market which include many omega 3’s and antioxidants, great for the skin. Opting for water instead of sugary drinks is a must since sugar is our skin’s enemy. And getting in a sufficient amount of water will go a long way as well, hydrating not only the body, but also the skin’s cells.

Don’t Let Regular Exercise Make Your Acne Worse.

Working out is great for the body, mind and skin as it gets the blood circulating, and the liver working to flush out any harmful toxins. Because teens are already experiencing an increase in skin oil, it’s important to keep the surface of the skin clean after a sweaty workout in order to prevent pores from clogging. If your teen is involved in sports, make sure they're wearing loose, breathable fabrics, and pack a clean towel for them to dry off with after a shower. If an immediate shower isn’t always an option, non-comedogenic wipes can be easily carried in any bag, and can provide a clean surface in a pinch! Make sure to wash any clothing worn as soon as it comes off, especially anything touching the chest or back, such as sports bras. If a helmet or goggles are used, don’t forget to disinfect, as these can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Washing oily hair is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped, though hair products can be a hidden source of pore-clogging residue. Check the ingredients in shampoos, conditioners and stylers for anything that could aggravate acne, such as lanolin, or drying isopropyl alcohol, and reach for any that aim to add moisture with “good” oils, such as tea tree or eucalyptus, which treat flakiness without making an oily mess.

Make Sure You Get in a Good Night’s Sleep.

This may be tough to implement, but a good night’s sleep is imperative in keeping both the immune system, and brain function operating at full capacity. Getting enough sleep is such an important part of maintaining healthy skin as it manages stress levels from within, reducing stress and keeping hormones from disrupting those sebum-producing sebaceous glands. Teens need a minimum of 8 1/2 hours of sleep, and they most often get around 7 hours. So try to get off those phones and iPad’s at night and read a good book to help set the mood for a peaceful slumber!

Choose Skincare Products that Won’t Clog Pores or Over Dry Skin.

Even if your teen isn’t working up a good sweat every day, keeping hygienic is an essential aspect in maintaining healthy, acne-free skin, and should be addressed both outside, and in. Because teens tend to produce more oil than adults, most products targeted toward them are formulated to zap oil, using acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Athough topicals with these ingredients may help in the short term with symptoms, they may also dry out the skin, which causes the skin to produce more oil! And thus, the acne cycle continues. Remember too, topicals cannot get to the root cause of acne in order to treat it! (Note to AcnEase® users: aren’t you glad you’re using something that gets to the root cause?)

As a good skincare regimen, try a non-comedogenic acne cleanser and chamomile astringent for acne which can help calm the inflammatory and bacterial response of the skin. And don't forget to add in an AcnEase® treatment too! This is what will break this cycle of acne the only way how – from within (with no chemicals or side effects)! Here is a helpful tool that will quickly guide you to the right treatment for you or your teen: /acne-treatment-system/

De-stress time!

Last but not least, leaving time for fun and relaxation can prove to be just as beneficial as a good night’s sleep or skin brightening smoothie, and shouldn’t be skipped! Finding little ways to help your teen de-stress can not only make their days a little easier, but may also encourage them to keep up with the maintenance needed to keep skin looking its best. Getting a manicure, pedicure or a massage might be a nice way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

We want to hear from you! How do you keep your or your teen’s acne under control? Tell us in the comments below!

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