Are Freshly Made Fruit & Veggie Juices Beneficial for Acne-Prone Skin?

Are Freshly Made Fruit & Veggie Juices Beneficial for Acne-Prone Skin?
Lots of people are drinking fruit and vegetable juices these days that they actually extract themselves to be sure they get the freshest ingredients. So you might be wondering, how beneficial is it for the health of acne-prone skin? Is it the right option for me?

1. What goes into your juicer makes a difference

Some of the fruits and vegetables that you'll find at your local markets can actually help to heal, cleanse and nourish your skin from within. However, you don't want to get too excited and start throwing any fruit or vegetable you can find into your juicer. Some fruits may be better for your acne-prone skin than others. For example, if you have found in the past that you don't handle apples well, then you probably shouldn't throw them into the mix: juicing fruits or vegetables that aren't right for YOUR BODY won't magically make them good for you.

So stick to the foods you know you can handle, and if you can, work in as many vitamin-packed, acne-friendly, organic fruits and veggies as you can. Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Avocados are a great source of vitamin E.
  • Oranges, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, kiwi, lemon, broccoli, bell peppers and spinach are good sources of vitamin C. But if you are taking blood thinners, beware, as some substances included in avocado (salicylates) actually work as potent blood thinners and can increase the possibility of bleeding. Other veggies with similar characteristics are cabbage and brussel sprouts.  
  • Leafy greens, carrots, and pumpkin are full of vitamin A.
  • Dark leafy vegetables like kale, mustard greens, broccoli, as well as citrus fruits supply a healthy amount of folate.
  • Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries have catechins that protect skin from UVA rays.

2. Too much of a good thing is still too much

Try not to go overboard when you're tossing things into your juicer, especially with the fruits. In juicing, as in most other aspects of life, moderation is key. Fruit and vegetable juice is of course a nutritious source of vitamins and minerals, but it's also full of sugar. 

Even if it's naturally occurring, "good sugar," too much sugar may still exacerbate acne.  For example, citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C, but they are also rich in sugar, and the acid may erode tooth enamel. Grapefruit, in particular, can increase or block the action of a number of medications, especially those related to heart issues, so it must be consumed very carefully.

Try our Melon Skin Refresher to get an idea of how to juice in moderation, and let us know what you think!

Melon Skin Refresher

The combination of fruits in this juice is good for calming inflammation and moistening the tissues. Parsley is also rich in nutrients (especially iron) to bring a healthy glow to a pale complexion.


  • ½ honeydew melon
  • 6 grapes
  • ¼ cucumber
  • 1 sprig parsley

Directions: Combine all ingredients together in the juicer and process. Drink the juice immediately after making (the nutrients are most effective and potent at this point, so don't let it sit around).


3. Remember the big picture 

If you juice all your daily servings of fruits and veggies, you're likely drinking them down in just a few minutes, whereas you would normally have to chew them and take much longer to get the same amount of nutrients. Chewing is an important part of digestion, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to juice.

Bonus tip: If you don't have a juicer, try using a blender. You may get a more smoothie-like consistency, but you'll love the drink just the same, and you may get more nutrients since you'll likely consume more fiber and vitamin-rich peels.

It's important to remember that although juicing or blending may be incorporated into a healthy, acne-friendly diet to act as a natural skin healer by healing the skin from within, it will not miraculously cure your acne. It will, however, only help you to succeed with your AcnEase regimen!

With a Promise of Clear Skin,
Dr. A  

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  • I enjoy green smoothies as I don't own a juicer right now. I always add a few handfuls of spinach to my smoothies along with some fruit, hoping to try some kale in the future as well. Great Post!