How to choose the right moisturizer for acne prone skin

How to choose the right moisturizer for acne prone skin

When you have dry skin, it is obvious to apply lotions or creams to add moisture. However, people who have acne prone skin specifically oily, assume that this application is not needed. Did you know that this is a common mistake? Moisturization is needed especially for those who use medicated creams. Excess oil and clogged pores are reasons for those acne breakouts. Not all lotions will clog your pores. Here's a helpful guide to choosing the right skin moisturizer for your acne prone skin.

1. What are moisturisers

Moisturizers are lotions, creams, or gels which help to keep the skin moist. People with very dry skin should utilise a moisturiser for regular use to battle dryness. Moisturizers keep the skin from getting too dry and help to shield the skin from aggravations.

2. Match your moisturiser with your skin type!

While in the skin products aisle, each moisturizer will show to be better than the next. Let’s not take you to chemistry class with all the specific ingredients. However, the texture of the moisturizer is what you need to look for as this is what your face needs.

  • Cream. Creams are usually sold in pots which is ideal for dry skin such as eczema. They are heavier than lotions and are more effective at moisturizing and protecting the skin. They consist of a water and oil emulsion. Before going to bed, apply night creams as they are richer in oils. Ensure that you are not wearing make-up before bed. 
  • Gel. Gels are usually sold in a squeezable tube, perfect for normal, combination and oily skin. They are typically the lightest and oil-free moisturizers. This makes it perfect for skins that are oily or prone to breakouts. They contain the lowest concentrations of emulsifiers, waxes and oils. Once your gel moisturizer is dry it becomes a perfect background for your make-up. This is good tool during summer when you a more likely to sweat.
  • Lotion. Lotions can be found in a bottle that is excellent for normal or combination skin. Lotions are quite light moisturizers that take in directly into the skin and usually do not feel greasy. They will be richer than a gel, but not as rich as a cream.

Take note that the heavier the moisturizer, the better it will fight water loss. On the other hand, they too can clog pores with oil, bacteria, and trapping dirt, which may produce breakouts. To treat acne and keep it from coming back is to practice an all natural acne free daily skincare routine. Use the right AcnEase Treatment Regimen for the healthy glowing looking skin you are dreaming for.

3. The Ideal moisturiser

When choosing the ideal moisturizer one must first understand the guidelines of the type to use depending on your dryness, the area to cover and of course your preference. A moisturizer is more than just a cream but to add moisture to dry skin.

  • Read Labels! Do not miss or forget this important step! Look out for bold labels of oil-free and noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic as this is best for fighting oily skin or acne breakouts. Oil-free products don't have added oils that can leave a greasy feel to the skin. Noncomedogenic products are much less likely to clog the pores and cause breakouts.
  • Mild skin dryness. A lotion or cream is best.
  • Moderate to severe dryness. A thicker cream or lotion is usually best.
  • Hairy skin. A lotion is often best for those areas.
  • Fewer germs! Pump dispensers are preferable than pots since they are more averse to accommodate germs. Use a clean spoon or spatula to get the contents out, rather than just your fingers if a pot is needed or preferred.
  • Natural moisturizing masks. You can also try our special avocado mask, which does wonders for dry skin and combo skin. We also highly recommend trying our aloe vera and cucumber mask, which is lightweight and effective for those with oily skin.
  • Cleansing moisturizers! There are also special moisturizers for oily skin. These products will moisturize and keep your acne at bay at the same time with their cleansing ingredients. After washing, you won’t notice the oil production as much. Use these products twice a day for best results: when you wake up and when you go to sleep.
  • Antioxidants. Antioxidants found in moisturizers such as green tea,  pomegranate, chamomile, or liquorice root extract may help keep any skin type looking fresh and healthy.
  • Dr. Agnes Acne Scars Choice, Rejuvel 3D! The healing power of plant cells and antigravity technology found in this product, speeds up collagen production and skin turnover helping to reduce acne scars, to eliminate acne marks and spots while moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Common mistakes!

  • When the skin appears good, don’t stop using your moisturizer! Dry skin patches, which may have been prevented, may then quickly flare up.
  • Paraffin-based moisturizers are flammable. Keep them away from lights and flames.
  • Avoid moisturizing creams that have alcohol in them. While they can help to reduce the natural oiliness, they can lead to the extremely dry skin. This can worsen acne!
  • Stop using products with too many acids! Alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinoic acid can be damaging if you have dry or sensitive skin.
  • After a shower, pat drying your skin is best as opposed to by rubbing. Afterwards, apply a moisturiser to the skin.

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We want to hear from you! What is your moisturizing routine, and the products you like best from AcnEase? Have you found the perfect moisturizer yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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