How to get back to school WITHOUT acne!

How to get back to school WITHOUT acne!

So, schools are going to start again. This year make sure that you look your best and stay confident throughout the year. Do not let your acne-prone skin dull your shine!

With your head up and chin high, walk confidently without worrying about acne breakouts! Yes, you can do it. All it takes is the right skin care and you are done.

We will tell you how.

Wash your face before going to bed

Going to school could be hectic. More often than not, you are so tired and preoccupied with your school, studies, assignments and other stuff, that you doze off without washing your face.

This is where you go wrong.

No matter how tired you are, make it a ritual to always wash your face before hitting the bed. This is necessary to remove all the dust and dirt that your face has collected during the day.

Further, washing your face before sleeping helps you in rebooting your skin’s repair cycle, which ultimately helps you in fighting against acne.

What’s more? Washing your face before bed also helps you in sleeping tight!

Be gentle to your skin

Do not scrub your face too hard in an attempt to clean it thoroughly. This is only going to make the situation worse and you would soon end up with a rough and red skin.

Thus, skip harsh scrubs and use non -soap moisturizing cleanser and plain water. Avoid using wipes especially those with alcohol or any other harsh ingredients. If you use one, it is highly recommended to change them after cleaning each part of the face or you will just spread the dirt.

Further, do not wipe your face using a towel. This is similar to scrubbing. Instead, just pat it with a clean, dry clean cotton towel.

Avoid over washing/scrubbing

If your skin is oily, we understand that you might want to wash it again and again, may be to look the best at your school. But, STOP! Doing this will lead to the more oil production and this will make your face all the more oily.

Thus, avoid washing frequently. Just 2 times a day is fine!

 If you live in a very warm climate or exercise vigorously - 3 times is a charm.

Always apply non-comedogenic moisturizer. Dry flaky patches will only clog your pores more.

A good moisturizer for a very young skin is Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a derivative of a plant and a natural soothing agent. It not only helps you in restoring the glow on your face, but it is also quite effective in treating sun burns.

Clean your cell phone often

You might not have expected this coming, but if pimples are popping out on your cheeks or near the area where you hold your phone, then chances are high that hour-long convos with your besties and crush are taking a toll on your skin.

This is because the dirt from your phone gets transferred to your cheeks when it gets combined and trapped in your pores by excess of sebum your sebaceous gland produce and together they create a fertile ground for bacteria to grow and inflammation to lead to breakouts. It is thus highly recommended to keep your phone clean at all times.

Do not touch your face

You just love touching your silky smooth skin? Well, if you want to maintain the beauty of your skin, it is highly recommended to avoid touching your face every now and then.

Your hands carry a lot of dirt and germs which land on to your skin every time you touch your face, thus increasing the chance for infection, inflammation and breakouts.

Go natural

Avoid using over the counter products which come loaded with a lot of chemicals. No matter, how much your school friends suggest you to go for it, just avoid it anyhow!

This is because such products tend to disturb your skin’s pH and lead to more serious problems in the near future.


No matter, how tempted you feel to pop that zit, just DO NOT. Popping your acne doesn’t only lead to scarring, but can also trigger a lot of infections which would make the healing tough.

Wash your pillowcase

Your pillowcase might not look dirty to you at the quick glance, but it is a lot dirtier than you think. This is because it handles your sweat, hair, hands and other stuff. As you sleep on it, all this build-up is transferred to your face at night, and lead to acne.

TREAT and PREVENT your Acne the RIGHT WAY: Natural, Safe and Effective

Thus, the bottom line here is to maintain hygiene and help your acne naturally. But if you are really serious about treating acne if nothing seems to work out, we would highly recommend using AcnEase and Rejuvel which are completely natural solutions to treat acne.  Both these products are made of natural solutions and work by preventing the breakouts. They do so by creating a buffer between your sebaceous glands and hormones. Further, they also help in healing the already developed acne while also taking care of scars and being safe to use!

So, how do you keep your acne under control? Do let us know in the comments below!

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