How to Have a Breakout-Free 12 Days Before Christmas

How to Have a Breakout-Free 12 Days Before Christmas

The holiday season is a time for beauty but also for stress and cutting corners on proper skincare, eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle (including getting regular sleep and exercise). It's no surprise that this is the time for acne to flare up.

So to make it up to your skin for slacking in these areas, here's a 12-day guide to keeping breakouts away:

Clean and exfoliate naturally

Before exfoliating naturally with a papaya mask, try holding your face over a sink full of steaming hot water for a few minutes. This will open your pores and prep the skin for effective but gentle exfoliation.  


Moisturize with a noncomedogenic, oil-based moisturizer with natural ingredients to keep dry sky away. Look for a product with almond, avocado, coconut, olive or jojoba oils. If your skin is far from dry, a light but natural moisturizer might be enough.

Kill bacteria with chamomile

Try this anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial chamomile astringent to help reduce inflammation.

Refresh your makeup collection

Are you still using the same makeup you were using last winter? If so, then it might be time to refresh your products. And always be sure to clean your brushes regularly so that bacteria doesn't spread.

Detox with one day of REALLY healthy food

It's hard to eat perfectly all day every day, so for just one day (at least) stick to these acne-friendly foods.

Treat your body

We must treat our bodies as we treat our faces. Clean, calm and moisturize your body with an oatmeal bath, and remember to follow up with a good moisturizer.

Exfoliate again

It's time to exfoliate again, but this time try a natural cucumber exfoliating mask.

Add more moisture

Give your skin some extra TLC with this moisturizing pumpkin mask.

Camouflage that zit

Try dabbing a noncomedogenic green concealer to any spots that are very red. The green will cancel out the redness.

Juice and salad day

Have a glass of fresh carrot and pineapple juice to help clear blemishes, boost the skin's resistance to UV light, stimulate digestion and regulate metabolism. Follow up with a vitamin-packed spinach-tomato-cucumber-sunflower seed salad.

Nourish your face

Prepare and apply a  nourishing cabbage mask, put up your feet and relax. Twenty minutes to yourself will make your skin thank you for 24 hours.

Remember your AcnEase

Remember to take your daily dose of AcnEase to keep your skin clear and healthy.

With a Promise of Clear Skin,
Dr. A 

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